Lely start-up support with the Roadbook app - the right steps at the right time

A situation that Farm Management Advisors often come across with customers is: ‘That is it. I am taking the following step for my farm by choosing automation. I choose Lely. It is all signed and the plans of where the milking robots are to be placed are ready. I have a good feeling about this but still it is hard for me really to get a feel for what I can expect. So many new things are happening: renovations, a new management system, different routines for me and my cows...’

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The transition to automatic milking and/or feeding is an exciting time for our customers. Farm Management Advisors do everything in their power to make this transition as smooth and hassle-free as possible. They are experts in the field and they have been doing this already for over 25 years. They have just the right knowledge and experience. It is important to inform customers about farm automation, daily management and everything that goes with it step by step.

So that all farms can access information about farm automation step by step, Farm Management Support has put together some guidelines and protocols, based on 25 years of experience. The right information at the right time creates a gradual yet solid learning curve. There will be training and discussions on all relevant subjects at a speed tailored to the customer, resulting in a smooth transition to farm automation and new daily routines.

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The Roadbook app

But how do our Farm Management Advisors know what they have told which customers and why? And what did they agree again? For this, Farm Management Support has created Roadbook. 
Roadbook is an app which shows all content offline, helping the Farm Management Advisor to provide the right information to customers at the right time. It does not require an Internet connection. Supporting documents can also be shown using digital score cards, photos, videos and presentations. Progress and agreements are input into the app. As soon as the Farm Management advisor has an Internet connection, the app is synchronised and the customer automatically receives a visit report with any relevant appendices.

More than your Lely Astronaut start-up

The Roadbook app is more than just a start-up guide for the Lely Astronaut. It also includes processes for aspects such as: Lely Vector start-up, Lely Astronaut Dairy XL start-up and Lely Meteor, the all-round approach for optimum hoof health. Work is currently underway to make the Roadbook app ready for DairyWise  and FMS Continuous Support . Roadbook is the tool for Farm Management Advisors to structure and save all their work, progress and knowledge.

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  • Our customers get the right information at the right time, regardless of the country in which they operate.
  • All our customers get the advantage of a uniform start-up protocol based on 25 years of experience.
  • All agreements and progress made are saved in digital reports so that they can be easily read along with any associated appendices.
  • Our Farm Management Advisors have access to the app, which is available offline (therefore everywhere) to provide guidance along the way. 
  • It helps with planning and quick and easy digital processing of reports. As soon as the Farm Management Advisor leaves the farm, the report is ready. 

The Roadbook app is available in 17 languages and can be downloaded by our certified Lely Center Farm Management Advisors through the App Store or Google Play store.
NB: the Roadbook app is being rolled out by country, so please consult your regional FMS representative to check availability.