Optimising Nine Cow Touches with T4C [2/6]

With Nine Cow Touches that each take from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, Lely T4C is a valuable support tool that optimises these and makes the farmer’s life easier. One of the features that can be used is ‘Treatment Plans’. You can find the ‘Treatment Plans’ in T4C at: Data Entry > Libraries > Treatment Plans

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The main benefits of using ‘Treatment Plans’ is that they make it easier to carry out treatments by automating them. Treatments are set up in collaboration with the veterinarian and a schedule is planned. The treatments that need to be carried out or that need to be repeated are grouped together on a report for an easy overview. Any milk that needs to be separated is separated automatically, and the farmer and veterinarian have an overview of all the cows that have been treated. 

How can we set ‘Treatment Plans’?
Before we can start to create a treatment plan, we have to know what medicines will be used. The information needed can be retrieved from the label of the medicine or from the veterinarian. In the ‘Medicines’ library, you add the medicines that will be available while entering a treatment plan. In T4C you can find ‘Medicines’ at:
Data Entry > Libraries > Medicines

Medicines plaatje artikel.PNG

By clicking [Add], the following screen will pop up:

Medicines add plaatje artikel.png
add medicine

Here, you can enter the medicine information. Make sure that all information from the label is entered: waiting period, dose, quantities, number of treatments per day, length of the treatment in days and the period milk should be separated. Once entered, click [Save]. 

The ‘Diseases’ tab gives an overview of all diseases filled in by Lely. These diseases should be used to create a treatment plan. 

Now that we have added the medicines, we are ready to set up the ‘Treatment Plans’. 
When you click on the [Treatment Plans] button, there is an overview of all of the treatment plans entered. By clicking [Add], you are creating a new treatment plan. The picture below shows that you can enter a treatment plan name, whether the treatment is curative or preventive and the category and name of the disease. By clicking [+] and clicking on the correct medicine, T4C automatically retrieves the cure period, wait time milk and wait time meat information from the ‘Medicines’ library. Repeat treatments of the medicine are also planned automatically.

Add treatment plan artikel.PNG
add treatment

Click [Save] to finalise. 

Please note that it is very important to fill in the medicines and treatment plan BEFORE the cow is treated. One of the major issues that can be prevented by following this procedure, for example, is antibiotics in the milk tank. Always make sure that the three green check marks are shown.

Treat a cow
To treat a cow, first you have to search for a cow in T4C. Select ‘Health treatment’ and [execute]. 
This screen pops up and you are able to select one of the treatment plans. Fill in the additional information and click [Save].

How does the ‘Treatment Plans’ function optimise the Nine Cow Touches?
The ‘Treatment Plans’ function helps to optimise the Nine Cow Touches by being supportive during the process. For example, if the farmer has entered a treatment plan in T4C, a reminder will be sent when the treatment needs a follow-up. Now the farmer does not need to waste time searching through the whole list in order to know what to do. T4C will provide the farmer with the information about the medicine and which cow needs to be treated. 

What are the benefits for the farmer?
•    An easier way of carrying out a treatment plan, including follow-up of the treatment plan.
•    At all times there is an overview of all the treatments and treated cows on the farm.
•    Registration is optimised.
•    There is less chance of forgetting steps in the treatment plan.