T4C update - Routing - Cosmix - Rumination

As from the end of october 2017 Lely has started to roll out the T4C 3.8 update including routing history, and block times for the Cosmix. In this article we will discuss more in detail.

Management, T4C & InHerd


Better insight in cow’s routing history

On the cowcard the ‘Feed visits’ tab has been renamed to ‘Visits’ and this tab now shows all the device visit’s for the cow and also the feed amount which she has eaten in case of Astronaut or Cosmix visit. This way it is in one overview clear when the cow visited a device and in which direction she was send.

In addition to “cows in heat”, the same principle can also be applied for cow touches such as dry-off, hoof trimming, OvSync programs, etc.

Also in Lely T4C YourGuide more information can be found regarding ‘Advanced filters’


Improved feeding information

The ‘Animal feeding’ tab on the cowcard show easier  to understand  value tittles. 
-    ‘Restfeed yesterday’ has been replaced with ‘Start credit(credit at midnight)’. This is the amount feed credit which the cow takes from yesterday to today. 
-    ‘Total today’ is replaced with ‘Programmed today’, but the values are still calculated from the feedtable. So there are no changes in the calculation of this value.
-    ‘Available today’ is the SUM of the start credit + programmed today.
-    ‘Total tomorrow’ has been replaced with ‘Eaten today’, this values shows the amount she has eaten since midnight.


‘Block time’ settings for Cosmix access

To safeguard the cow’s health in case of higher amount’s of concentrates, with the risk of acidosis, overfeeding needs to be prevented. Now it is also possible to set ‘block times’ after milking to prevent  a cow can get feed at the Cosmix after milking.
These settings can be found at the ‘Milk access’ settings (Daily entry Settings  Milking).
On this page there is an option now ‘Use advanced block times’, when this option is enabled two new settings will appear. The first one is ‘Before milking allowance’, with this timestamp it is possible to set the time when she cannot get feed anymore before her milking allowance (At the Cosmix). The aim of this setting is to make cows go searching for concentrates at the Astronaut instead of the Cosmix
The second one is ‘After milking’ during this set timeframe she cannot get feed anymore at the Cosmix after her last milking. So that way it can be avoided that she eats a big amount of concentrates at the Astronaut and then goes to the Cosmix and have another (big) portion of concentrates. 


Rumination graph for QWES ISO Smart tags

In case of QWES ISO Smart tags the rumination values will be show in the ‘Activity graph’ tab on the cowcard. These lines will be shown as the time distribution of the day (in percentage).