Farm Management Support has a single goal: optimising our barn concept at your farm, at your choice. Regardless of whether you are just about to make the transition to automatic milking and/or feeding, or you have been using our products and management systems on your farm for a while, you receive guidance before, during and after you start. For more experienced users, we help you optimise the management of your farm.

Our local advisors are leveraged by the knowledge of our international team. By pooling our experience, we guide and support you to a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future for your dairy farm.

How Farm Management Support works

Our start-up support in 3 phases

Making the transition to automatic milking and/or feeding is not for the short term. Precisely because it is for the long run and for the continuity of your business, we offer thorough guidance to all of our customers worldwide when it comes to making the right choices. We also help you to prepare for this new way of working. We do this in 3 phases:

  1. Before start-up: guidance during run-up to start-up based on a proven concept and in close collaboration with your feed advisor and other advisors.
  2. During start-up: practical help by guiding the cows to go to the automatic milking system the first time. And technical support for the actual installation of the equipment. 
  3. After start-up: guidance and support to further optimise the management of your farm.

Sweet Farm

Farm Management Support in practise

‘The overall health, breeding and milk production of our herd has vastly improved since we made the transition to robotic milking.’

Our barn concept

Free cow traffic

Our barn concept is based on the principle of free cow traffic. Cows decide for themselves when they want to eat, drink, lie down or be milked, with no obstacle whatsoever. The cow goes to the milking robot voluntarily.

The location of the milking system, the feed kitchen, the other barn products and your day-to-day routines are also important for achieving efficient free cow traffic.

Free cow traffic explained

Our services

For a more in-depth insight into your business

Lely Benchmark

Lely Benchmark is part of the Time for Cows management programme. It allows you to interpret the management information for your own farm properly. With Benchmark you can, for example, compare your results with those of your colleagues in your local area with whom you are friends


YourGuide is the digital library for the Time for Cows management system. It contains a wealth of information on automation and management. For any specific questions not covered by the information included in the guide, we are here to help.

Web Advice

With the Web Advice comparison tool, your individual business circumstances are compared with those of other farms. For this, we use the knowledge and experience built up by customers all over the world. In addition to comparisons, Web Advice also contains a wealth of practical advice. The advice is easy to access with one click of your mouse through our Time for Cows management system.

Farm Management Support for

Lely Vector

Flexible fresh feeding

Get better returns from your feed strategy by giving your cows fresh and well-mixed rations several times a day. Without it costing you any more time. The Lely Vector minimises labour, feed costs and fuel and provides fresh feed for healthy and productive cows.

Lely Astronaut

The natural way to milk

An increased milk yield and overviews whenever and wherever you want them: automatic milking makes it all possible. The milking system collects data per cow on milk production and cow health. This alerts you on time to any changes, allowing you to devote your attention to the cows that need it most.

Why our partnerships?

Every farmer in the world has to make decisions daily for their farm. Choices both for themselves and their business. But they do not need to do this on their own. They have the help of advisors to find the right solutions and steer their business in the right direction.

More and more of you are choosing Lely as a long-term partner. That is because every day our products and services allow you to take another step towards your desired results. We are by your side with the right people, who are skilled and highly trained.


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