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At Lely, cow welfare is our highest priority and we know that it will be yours too.  Our innovative range of small robots means that increasing welfare on your farm has never been easier. Whether you're looking to improve hoof health and cow hygiene using our Lely Discovery range (with robots available for both slatted and solid barn floors) or increase rumen function and production through the frequent feed pushing of the Lely Juno, our new 0% finance offer now makes it more cost-effective than ever for you to automate processes on your farm and improve cow welfare.

0% Finance applies to the following products

Lely Calm, Juno, Discovery range, Treatment Box & Walkway

Lely Calm

For optimal development and growth, from calf to cow.

Stimulate a calf’s development into a strong, healthy and high-yielding cow with the Lely Calm. This automatic feeder supplies milk at the right temperature and provides insights into the milk intake of each calf.

Lely Juno

Boost production and rumen health with 24/7 feed pushing

Automate the repetitive job of feed pushing with a Lely Juno. Having fresh feed pushed up to the feed fence constantly means that your low ranking cows will always have access to feed, increasing their rumen health and productivity.

Lely Discovery Collector 120

The perfect hygiene solution for solid barn floors.

Improve cow health and hygiene in your barn with the Lely Discovery Collector. This revolutionary robot vacuums manure instead of pushing it, making it the perfect solution for solid barn floors and the ideal way to save time whilst improving hoof health within your herd.

Lely Discovery 90 S/SW

Improved cow health thanks to excellent barn hygiene.

A clean floor prevents hoof problems and keeps tails and udders clean. The Lely Discovery operates at times of your choosing and follows a route that you select to effectively clean slatted barn floors and improve welfare.

Lely Treatment Box

For safe and controlled cow treatment

The Lely Treatment Box is designed for all types of cow care for which the cow needs to stand still, for example during insemination and the administration of medicine. The Treatment Box is designed with ease of use in mind, both for the cow and the operator. It is safe, convenient and flexible.

Lely Walkway

Foot bath for efficient hoof care

Reduce hoof disease and lameness with efficient hoof care. Cows with healthy hooves feel good and are more productive and find it easier to behave naturally. With the Lely Walkway, you can regularly and efficiently care for their hooves with an animal-friendly solution.

Offer details

Interest free finance on the Lely Calm, Discovery range, Juno, Treatment Box & Walkway over two years


Interest free finance on the Lely Calm, Discovery range, Juno, Treatment Box & Walkway over three years


*Offer details are subject to change and are entirely at the discretion of the Lely Center. Please contact your local Lely Center for exact details on the packages available.

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