Our After Care and Center Development team are happy to assist you with any help, support or advice you may need. Contact Bas or Fiona with any queries. 

After Care & Center Development employees

Bas van Santen
Assistant Center Manager & After Care

Joined Lely Center Devon & Cornwall: August 2020

Hello, I am Bas van Santen, as well as being Assistant Center Manager & overseeing After Care, I am the Lead Farm Management Support advisor for the Center.  In my previous role I was Farm Management Support for Lely Atlantic (the support organization) covering all the Lely Centers in the UK and Ireland. Prior to joining Lely, I was an agricultural advisor covering breeding, feeding, business planning and milking technology on dairy farms in the UK.

Since 2009 I have been helping Lely farmers to get the most out of their systems. From setting up the T4C/Horizon software to optimising feed tables, milk access tables and reviewing settings. Most farms rely on default settings.  With the progress farmers have made over the years a regular review can help achieve more from their system.

Lely as the innovators in farming are constantly reviewing the challenges farmers are facing and trying to develop solutions to overcome these. It is always fascinating to be part of validating new products and features to deal with these challenges.

With the Lely Sphere we will see a different way to deal with slurry and I'm really looking forward the product being introduced in the UK.

Fiona McArdell
Center Development Manager

Joined Lely Center Devon & Cornwall: January 2021

Hello, I'm Fiona McArdell. As Center Development Manager, my role is quite diverse and involves me overseeing all the center’s HR requirements and personnel needs. In addition, I am also responsible for the marketing and promotion of the Lely Center so you will most often find me on a farm somewhere in our region, notepad and camera in hand!

I also look after and organise all center events from on-farm Open Days & Young Farmer evenings right through to large scale exhibitions and shows such as the Royal Cornwall Show each year. 

I'm incredibly fortunate that I get to meet so many of our customers and really appreciate how freely they give their time to me on each farm visit. Visiting our customers throughout the two counties and being able to share stories and snippets of their lives showing how Lely robots are helping to improve herd health, happiness and productivity is a definite highlight of my multifaceted role.

Prior to joining Lely Center Devon & Cornwall, I worked as Head of Marketing for a large educational College in Somerset and more recently as the Marketing & Operations Manager at Carswell Farm in South Devon.