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Over the next few months, the team at Lely Center Devon and Cornwall will be hosting a series of webinars with presentations from our specialists focusing on different farm management systems. They will be interviewing vets, farm management support, farmers and advisers. This will provide you with an in-depth insight as to how their farmers are achieving excellent results.

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Webinar 18th of November at 7:30pm

Ketosis Management on Lely Robot Dairies

Join us for our next webinar hosted by Mike Steele, FMS Lead at Lely Atlantic & Wendy Ward FMS at Lely Center Devon & Cornwall as they discuss Ketosis Management on Lely Robot Dairies.
Cows begin their lactation at dry off! You are welcome to join this webinar session to help optimise profits from transition cows on your farm.  Managing their energy, feed access and group changes around this crucial time can bring more profitable milk over the next lactation. Reducing losses from ketosis and monitoring the risks using Lely farm software can help you to manage a smooth and trouble-free lactation.
The 60-minute session will explore:
  • Economics of ketosis
  • Transition from dry period into Robotic Milking herd
  • The new Horizon features to manage Ketosis
The evening will also include a Q&A session.

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