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Webinar Series

Please find below a list of the virtual open days that were held during 2020/2021. Any enquires about these or anything talked about in them please contact our sales manager Jim Irwin on 07827884639 or email jirwin@egl.lelycenter.com

Maxwell Open Day

Augher Co Tyrone- 19/Feb/2021

Daniel will give us a walk through the farm and explain the challenges and the opportunities he found moving from a parlour installed nearly 50 years ago to a brand new Lely A5 robot. The genetic potential of the cows has been unlocked through robotic milking.

Simpson's Open Day

Lisburn Co Down- 1/Dec/2021

This virtual open day is on the farm of George and David Simpson they are running their high yielding cows through a Lely A5 robot. They are able to have 60 cows mixed lactation averaging 40L year round with the robot producing between 2000-2500L on a daily basis.

Telfords virtual open day

Fintona Co Tyrone- 19/Nov/2020

Big thanks to Hazel for showing us around and talking through some of the KPI's that are important on this farm. Reducing labour while increasing milk yield and giving all people involved in the farm a more flexible lifestyle.

Mark Cunningham

Aghadowey Co Antrim- 20/June/2020

Mark talks about how he is able to achieve 10,300 litres utilising grazing and zero-grazing. He will also go into details about how he tries to push the robots to their limit and keep production as close to 2000L per day throughout the year.

Potterswalls jersey

Seaforde Co Down- 21/July/2020

This award winning herd in Seaforde Co. Down is milked by two Lely A5 astronaut milking robots. In the tour we get to have a look around the shed and the features that make it stand out, as well as the cows and have a discussion about the feeding strategy from calf to cow.

Stephen Morrison

Armoy Co Antrim- 26/March/2021

Mary Jane Robinson provides nutrition support on the farm, Adam Conn is from Riada vets and visits the farm every three weeks and Ian Watson has helped to tailor a breeding program to suit the farm and the needs of a high yielding herd.

Vitual open day at Paul McAleece's

Coagh Co Tyrone- 29/April/2021

The event will feature pre-recorded footage from the farm with Paul and Colin Givans plus interviews from Philip Abenerthy, Parklands, David Mawhinney from Key Nutrition and Maurice Wylie, Farm Management Support LC Eglish. These will give an insight to how this has been achieved and will be followed by live Q&A's.

Alvar McKeown

Stewartstown Co Tyrone- 7/July/2021

Alvar is running 90 cows on 1 Lely A3 Astronaut milking robot, cows are grazing on an AB system with free anytime access to the cubicle house and silage, giving cows the ultimate freedom to do what they want. This allows him to achieve 10,000kg per cow and keep visits constantly around 2.5 through out the year.

Vitual open day at Fergal Kelly

Ballygawley Co Tyrone- 22/July/2021

Join us for a tour of Fergal Kelly's farm, Fergal is running 1 Lely A5 robot and grazing his cows during the day. Fergal has managed to increase his herd average by 2000L since the robot went in through a range of improvements. He is aiming to produce over 2000L per day from his one lely A5 milking robot throughout the year.

Virtual Open day at William Shilliday

Rathfriland Co Down- 10/Dec/2021

William installed two Second hand Lely A4 robots, combined with an increased focus on breeding has seen a increase in cow performance and much better work life balance. William mostly over the Autumn and then turns his cross bred cows out to grass in the spring and summer. Cows peaking in winter time at 3.1 visits and over 34L average.

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