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The Juno feed pusher is an invaluable piece of kit, noticeably reducing food wastage as well as easing competition at the feed fence*.

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Farm Facts:

  • 430 Holsteins
  • 1 x Lely Juno
  • Time, labour and diesel saving*
  • Less food wastage*
  • 1 x Lely Discovery 90SW
  • Improved foot health & cleanliness of feet and barn floor*

Matthew Rowe's herd of Herd of 430 Holsteins very quickly learned to associate the Juno with fresh food and, aware that the Juno is approaching, move themselves to the feed fence as the robot enters the barn. Each cow, even lower ranking ones, now have an equal opportunity to get feed as the constant pushing ensures there is a constant supply of fresh food available all day.

We were pleased with how quickly the cows trained themselves, they know that they will be getting fresh feed when they see the Juno appear. It’s really noticeable how little waste food we now have. The Juno’s regular pushing up means cows are eating fresh feed all day and what’s left in the morning still looks fresh and nice quality” explains Matthew.

The decision to install the Juno – the Rowe’s second Lely barn product; they also have a Discovery 90SW manure robot – was instigated by their son. Coming back to the home farm after studying agriculture at Hartpury College, he suggested getting a Juno in the new barn set-up as his college contemporaries had spoken so highly of it.

Matthew is pleased with his son’s recommendation and has programmed the Juno to push up feed every hour between 11am – 7pm each day. This regular pushing is saving time and labour and diesel costs as well as keeping the barn much tidier*; Matthew noticed that pushing up with a tractor made a mess throughout the barn which the Juno doesn’t.

The Rowe’s have also found the Discovery 90SW automatic manure scraper to be a good addition to their barn with Matthew confirming that it has made a noticeable difference to the health and cleanliness of the cows’ hooves as well as to the barn floor.

The support from Lely Center Devon & Cornwall was excellent with Matthew praising Simon Holt, the Center’s Barn Products Specialist, for getting the job done so efficiently. “Simon was good, when it came to planning and installing the Juno, he was really helpful and got the job done efficiently. I was really happy with the service.”


* The results mentioned are specific to this farm; calculated data will vary depending on specific installation conditions.