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Congratulations to Paul Westaway who has just seen the 2nd of his three Lely Astronaut A3 robots surpass the 10 million kg milk milestone.

Paul installed two A3 robots on his North Devon farm in 2008 and added a 3rd A3 robot in November 2021.

Paul, Dan & Tom March 2022.jpg

“The longevity of my robots is down to the hard work of the Lely Center engineers; they service the robots regularly and are brilliant. My son Tom and I also make sure that we do our regular checks and daily maintenance tasks; really, if you look after your robots, then they will look after you. Two of mine were installed 14 years ago and are still proving their worth.”

“The robots are reliable and have given me peace of mind, they work 24/7 and never let me down. I added a third (second-hand) A3 robot to the barn last autumn and already I can see that hoof health is improving as the cows aren’t standing around waiting to be milked for so long. The additional robot has provided extra flexibility for me as I am no longer spending time in the evening sorting cows and we are now looking to increase the size of our herd.”