Horizon Updates


Have you seen some of  Horizons new features and completely customizable dashboard?? Take a peek at the new look. We have highlighted the new feature ‘Advices’ below. 

Advice's Dashboard

We aim to bring suspected ketosis cases under attention to prevent cows from becoming too sick and to save time and money. 

When is advice given?

The advice is generated based on a model that uses a combination of two or more of the following conditions:
•    The cow is in early lactation
•    The cow has a medium to severe chance of sickness 
•    Increased fat/protein ratio
•    Milk yield is lower than predicted milk yield 
•    Drop in eating time 
•    Drop in rumination time 

Horizon has the ability to apply a preset treatment that has been put in place with the advice from your vet. 


Please contact Sam or Izzy for more information on Horizon and to take advantage of a 5 month free trial.