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Blog: Grazing Trip To Ireland - August 2022


On the 2nd and 3rd of August 2022, our customers from England and Wales were lucky enough to travel between farms in the Tullamore and Kilkenny areas of Ireland. The group looked at robotically milked, grazing systems.

Blog: Horizon Updates


Find out how Horizons new Failure reduction advice can help you reduce your failed milkings and why it is so important to keep failures to a minimum.

Blog: Horizon Updates


Have you seen some of Horizons new features and completely customizable dashboard?? Take a peek at the new look. We have highlighted the new feature ‘Advices’.

Blog: Horizon Updates


Horizon has taken the sensory information that is collected throughout the day and is now delivering the information in a more intuitive way for the farmers to help make management decisions with his cows, examples being a reduction in failures, keep open advice, early detection of ketosis cases. Plus many other great new features the program has to offer like the App.

Blog: Robotic Grazing


Combining grazing with robotic milking can work well, it just needs careful planning. More and more farmers are finding this is a cost-efficient route forward for producers who have good grazing animals and grow good grass. With feed and fertiliser prices continuing to rise, it’s vital that dairy farmers explore every opportunity to increase productivity and make the most of home-grown resources.