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The Lely Treatment Box
explained in full detail


Hear what our customers have to say about our chemical

‘We took a short break from using the following chemicals to make the most of a deal offered to us by a local supplier. After seeing an increase in the Bactoscan results, we decided to revert back to Lely Chemicals. As a result, our Bactoscan decreased between 35-40%, and there was a clear reduction in chemical alarms.’

Tomos Adams

Milk Care

Milk that leaves the udder clean must also enter the tank clean. Therefore, hygienic cleaning must take place in every step of the process. Lely helps you with fully automated cleaning programs and specially designed consumables for the Lely milking robot. They deliver optimal cleaning results and are designed for safe use with the robot. Lely helps to achieve the necessary cleanliness.

Astri CID.png


Acid based, non-foaming, Machine cleaning product for Lely Astronaut milking robots. Optimal cleaning properties for mineral and inorganic deposits. Powerful cleaning without damaging machine components.

Astri Lin.png


Alkaline chlorinne free non- foaming cleaner for Lely Astronaut milking robots. Optimal cleaning for organic deposists – Fat and protein.

Lely__Lely-Pretreatment-Brush-Clean--5_9700_2318_0--8805_51087-1920px 1.JPG

Lely Pre-treatment Brush Cleaner

Cleaning and disinfecting the Lely pre- treatment brushes in one product. Effective at all temperatures and safe for cow and environment when used at recommended concentration.

Frigus Cid.png

Lely Frigus CID

Highly acidic detergent for the milk tank. Intended for circulation cleaning and foam-free in use. Combination of acids for effective removal of a variety of mineral deposits, such as limescale, iron deposits and milk stone.

Frigus Lin.png

Lely Frigus LIN

Tank cleaning Alkaline. Effective removal and absorption of milk residues (fat and protein) in circulation cleaning of the milk tank. Both cleaning and disinfecting due to the presence of an effective amount of chlorine in the cleaning solution.

Chemical Stores.png

Chemical Storage Cabinet

Safe and appropriate compliant storage of chemicals. Safe and easy distinction between acid and alkaline due to matching colors. Lock with key to lock against unauthorized persons.

Reca Duo S.png

Reca Duo S

Tank cleaning Acid. Optimal removal of mammal, iron and limescale. Phosphoric acid-based cleaning agent suitable for cleaning milking systems and milk cooling tanks.

Reca Duo A.png

Reca Duo A

Tank cleaning Alkaline. Very strong alkaline product for removal of milk fats and proteins. It is a phosphate-containing product that has been developed for cleaning milking installations and milk cooling tanks.

Chemical Trays.png

Chemical Spill Pallet

Safe and appropriate compliant storage of chemicals. Safe and easy distinction between red (acid) and blue (alkaline) due to matching colors. Long service life due to corrosion-free material.


Lely Astronaut Milk Filters

Filtration for all particle dirt – Barrier to harvest day to day dirt without restricting milk flow through the system. An essential element in the management of maintaining of milk quality!

Filter Holder.png

Milk Filter Dispenser

Handy Lely filter dispenser, ensures hygienic storage of milk filters. Suitable for 1 box of filters.

Cow Care

Healthy cows are essential for healthy business operations. We are talking about the resistance of your cows, the fertility and the health of the hooves and udders. The lifetime production of dairy cattle is still under pressure due to the early removal of the cows. Problems with hoof health and fertility are important reasons for this. But udder health is still the biggest problem in practice.

Quaress Barrier.png

Quaress Barrier

Seals teat ends for long term protection. Lely pre-treatment brushes will remove barrier prior to milking. Good protection for adverse weather or high environmental challenges.

Quaress Fovum.png

Quaress Fovum

Next to good disinfecting properties, the product contains monopropylene glycol, glycerol and allantoin. These emollients hydrate the skin and stimulate skin regeneration. The combination of all ingredients results in a premium skincare effect, in the creation of new skin cells, removal of dead skin, and ultimately support of natural resistance.

Quaress Premo.png

Quaress Premo

Povidone (PVP) iodine is well-known in medical applications. Powerful and broad disinfectant properties. Strong focus on bacterial pressure in the environment.

Quaress Iodine.png

Quaress Iodine

Seals teat ends for long term protection. Lely pre-treatment brushes will remove barrier prior to milking. Good protection for adverse weather or high environmental challenges.

Quaress Lac.png

Quaress Lac

Anti-aging of skin with disinfecting and softening properties. Suitable when extra udder health support is required.

Quaress Pergo.png

Quaress Pergo

All round product for disinfection of teats and protection of skin with conditioning properties. Beneficial as a maintenance product.


Lely Quaress Balm

Lely Quaress Balm is a nourishing udder cream. Contains plant-based Japanese peppermint oil. Has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin.

Astri Cell Kit.png

Astri-Cell Starter Kit

The Lely Astri-Cell Starter Kit consists of 6 bottles of Astri-Cell of 1 ltr and a mixing can. Astri-Cell is a somatic cell count solution used in the Lely MQCC sensor system of the Lely Astronaut milking robot. Possibility for early diagnosis and treatment.

Asti Cell.png


Lely Astri-Cell (1 ltr) is a liquid for determining the somatic cell count in the milk with the Lely MQCC sensor system of the Lely Astronaut milking robot. Based on the CMT test method. Possibility for early diagnosis and treatment.

Machine Care

Whether you have a Lely Astronaut, Lely Juno, Lely Vector or, for example, a Lely Discovery; These robots need proper maintenance. Not only because they are possibly the hardest working 'employees' at your company, but mainly because they are a long-term investment and require the best care. You strive for a long lifespan and Lely is happy to help you with that. We supply products for cleaning robots inside and out, to prevent wear and tear.

Rubber Liners.png

Rubber Liners

Rubber liners have a lifetime of up to 2,500 milkings. Suitable for use in the robot with a special nipple cup.

Silicone Liner.png

Silicone Liners

Elasticity and surface remain the same during use. Smooth surface so that dirt is less likely to adhere. Silicone teat liners have a lifetime up to 10,000 milkings.


Liner Shells

Lely Astronaut teat shells available in A, B, C or D type.


Pre-Treatment Brushes

Set of two brushes for your Lely Astronaut. Soft and effective for optimal teat preparation prior to milking with Lely Automatic Milking Robots. Stimulation and cleaning combined for optimal milking process.

TDS Cleaner.png

Lely TDS Cleaner

Liquid cleaner (1 ltr) for the TDS screen of the Lely Astronaut milking robot. Removes urine deposits, milk stone and iron deposits. Prevents limescale.

Vaccum Pump Cleaner.png

Lely Vaccum Pump Cleaner

Industrial cleaner without perfume and dyes. Neutral detergent, suitable for automatic cleaning of the Lely vacuum pump. Powerful cleaning properties also for manual cleaning of sensitive surfaces.

Twin Tubes.png

Twin Tubes

Vacuum and pulsation tube. Astronaut twin tube for A4 & A5.

Twin Tube Covers.png

Twin Tube Cover

Lely Astronaut twin tube cover.



Cords for Lely Astronaut A3/A4/A5 milking robot.

Test Strips.png

Brush disinfectant test strips

Test strips for Lely Astronaut brush cleaning can be used to provide an easy and quick indication whether concentration of the brush cleaning product applied on the pretreatment brushes is sufficient.

Foam Unit.png

Lely Foam Unit

Lely Foam Unit: compact low-pressure system for foam cleaners now with new, improved foam head. For cleaning milking robots/milking systems, walls and floors. Suitable for alkaline detergents and acidic cleaning agents.

Robotics Foam.png

Robotics Foam

Available as a 22kg can. Slightly Alkaline foaming cleaning agent. Effective in the removal of protein, fat, manure and urine deposits and buildup. Can be used on all stainless steel components of milking robot. Safe for the top of the arm. Routine hygiene maintenance, once a week recommended use.

Calf Health

The health of calves deserves attention and time. The better a calf gets off to a good start, the greater the chance that it will grow into a healthy adult dairy cow. Careful cleaning and rinsing several times a day will limit the growth of bacteria. A cleaner system guarantees better milk quality and healthier calves.

Calm CID.png

Lely Calm LIN

Can be used for interval cleaning in combination with Lely Calm Cid. Non-chlorinated alkaline detergent for the Lely Calm. Effective removal of fat residues, protein residues and sugar residues from milk. Good stabilisation in hard water and limescale fixtures prevent limescale from precipitating during cleaning.

Calm LIN.png

Lely Calm CID

Can be used for interval cleaning in combination with Lely Calm Lin. Acidic detergent for the Lely Calm. Effective removal of lime, iron deposits and milk stone. Powerful dirt-removing properties.

Calm Teat.png

Lely Calm Teat

Yellow teats for the Lely Calm calf machine.

Hoof Health

Lely supplies a complete package of products and recommendations for hoof health.

Meteor Care Spray.png

Lely Meteor Care Spray

Ready-to-use optimal care product to maintain the condition of the hoof skin. High efficacy and proven long-lasting adhesion to the claws. Continuously helps protect the claws from hygiene-related problems.

Meteor Care Spray Plus.png

Lely Meteor Care Spray Plus

For preventive treatment against digital dermatitis, also for heifers and dry cows. Automatic application after each milking. Reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Meteor Wash Spray.png

Lely Meteor Wash Spray

Lely Meteor Wash Spray

Lely Consumables
explained in full detail

Colour Coding of Lely Consumables

colour-coding.jpg__2563.0x1440.0_q70_crop_subsampling-2_upscale (1).jpg


Colour-coding explained

To clarify product distinction and identification, Lely’s consumables are colour-coded. There is always a combination of the cap, jerry can and packaging. We advise that you always check the combination of these indicators to make sure you have the right product. 

These colour-codes (see chart below) have also been implemented in the Central Unit of the Lely Astronaut automatic milking robot. Connect red to red, blue to blue and green to green. Products that are not intended to be used in the automatic milking robot, such as the tank cleaning products, always have a two-tone color-coding.

Please note, this is the Lely way of working and will allow you to differentiate from non-Lely products. The colour-coding does not release you from the obligation to always check labels before application - please see our safety tips section below for more details.

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