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Your automated milking and feeding experts

Lely Center Midlands strive to give our customers the best service, offering the latest innovations and solutions to farmers.


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Your automated milking and feeding experts

Lely Center Midlands strive to give our customers the best service, offering the latest innovations and solutions to farmers.

Meet our general manager

Hi my name is Laurence Loxam, general manager of Lely Center Midlands. We have been based out of our Stafford depot for over 10 years with hubs in SW Wales, Cheshire and Nottinghamshire.  We’ve evolved over that time to provide a full sales to service package including project coordination and aftersales support. Our aim is to work with farmers to help them increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their farm from a productivity and financial prospective.

 Our team consists of 10 dedicated engineers who specialise in all Lely products from Astronauts to Vectors.  Within the team of engineers we have several who have been with us for over 10 years.  The engineers are located throughout our area thus ensuring fast and efficient service and back up 365 days a year, with multiple engineers on-call 24/7.  Together with our sales support, in house barn design expert and farm management support team we offer a complete and on-going partnership to assist our robot farmers in achieving the best possible results from their Lely products.

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On-farm workshops

Various work stations around the farm with different topics discussed

FMS workshops

We run on-farm FMS workshops


Increase the efficiency and profitability of your feed strategy by feeding your cows more often. More frequent feeding stimulates frequent eating day and night, which means cows ingest more fodder. This has a positive impact on animal health, fertility and production, and also benefits your bottom line.

New A5 installations

Lely Astronaut
The new milestone in milking

Automatic milking introduces a new routine on your farm, providing greater flexibility, enhanced efficiency, and a better work-life balance. The new routine also means that you are in control. You decide what your day-to-day management involves. It also allows your cows to follow their own rhythm at all times.


Lely Juno
Increasing feed intake has never been easier

The Lely Juno takes over the repetitive work of pushing the feed multiple times a day. By pushing feed regularly, it is always within the cows’ reach. Every cow, even those lower in rank, can eat the roughage it needs for optimal rumen health and growth.

Irish farmers embrace the β€œLely Life” with automated milking and grazing systems.

Lely Midlands took a group of our customers to Ireland to see how Irish farmers are combining automated milking and grazing systems to make efficient and sustainable dairy production systems.

Ireland is leading the way in using grazing and robotics together, and we wanted to see in person how they make it work and the benefits it has for them and their farms. We visited several farms in County Kilkenny.

Lely Trip to the Netherlands.

Our recent trip to the Netherlands had many highlights, including four immaculately presented robotic farms, and a grand tour of the Lely factory.

Dairy XL Trip to Germany

Back in October Sales and FMS were fortunate to visit Eastern Germany to learn about all things Dairy XL. To those unfamiliar with the term dairy XL, this describes a farm with 8 robots or above of which we visited three XL size Farms during our trip.