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The Lely Exos fresh grass concept is a revolution in the use of roughage. With autonomous harvesting and feeding of fresh grass, you produce more milk from forage from your own land. In addition, you save considerably on labour, mechanisation and feed costs.

Autonomously feeding fresh grass is a perfect addition to grazing. The combination of grazing and fresh grass in the barn results in a much higher fresh grass intake on most dairy farms. You let the cows graze close to the barn while the Lely Exos harvests the grass from the fields further away. The system leaves no manure in the fields and does not flatten the crop.

The best grass is fresh grass

Grass is the natural feed source for dairy cattle and the proteins and energy are highest in the fresh material. When cows eat a lot of fresh grass, they require fewer proteins from concentrates.

Autonomous harvesting and feeding

The Lely Exos concept is the first system in development for autonomous harvesting and feeding of fresh grass. A revolution in the utilisation of grassland.

Works perfectly with the Vector

You can easily set the desired ration for each feed group with the management system. The Exos supplies fresh grass and the Vector provides all other feed components.

Unlock the full potential of fresh grass
Lely Exos

Stay informed automatically

We are currently subjecting the first prototypes to experiments and tests to learn as much as possible about harvesting and feeding fresh grass. In the coming years, we will gradually expand the number of systems to make the Lely Exos suitable for all kinds of situations on farm.

Do you want to follow the developments of the Lely Exos concept closely? Then follow our social media accounts. There you will find regular updates on the progress of this project.

Why Lely?

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