Farm Management through Web Advice

The Farm Management Support online Web Advice application is a web service which has been designed to support you with the day-to-day farm management issues on your farm. A tool that is being discovered by more farmers around the world every day. For example, on the ‘EARL Chasseigne’ farm in France, owned and managed by Mr and Mrs Guibert. We asked them about their experiences with Web Advice.



Central France is home to Mr and Mrs Guibert, who cultivate 247 acres of crops and manage their herd of 56 Holstein cows that produces around 640,000 liters of milk annually. They have been milking with a robot for over 12 years. In 2001, a Lely Astronaut A2 was installed which was replaced by an A3 in 2007. The Guibert family plans to exchange this A3 for an A4 in 2014. We can therefore conclude that the Guiberts already have quite some experience with robotic farm management.

Mrs Guibert regularly visits the Benchmark tool in T4C so she can compare the performance of her farm with other similar farms in the neighborhood. “You always learn from other farmers and this is a very effective and accurate way of comparing” says Mrs Guibert. “I also often visit and browse in the YourGuide environment in T4C. We already know quite a lot about robotic management, but you can always learn more”. This is also how Mrs Guibert familiarized herself with the online Web Advice application, as this tool is offered via YourGuide in T4C.

webadvies 2.jpg

Out of the three reports available, Mrs Guibert chose to apply the robot performance advice. This advice focuses on how to get more milk out of your robot. Mrs Guibert also said that she intends to apply the other reports soon too. After receiving the automatically generated PDF report via email, Mrs. Guibert was particularly interested in the comparison of her farm performance with the top-performing 10% of farms in France. This is one of the strengths of the Web Advice tool. At a glance, you can compare your farm-specific performance with the top 10% performers in your country. In addition to these comparisons, the Web Advice tool also provides various tips and tricks aimed at improving your farm management strategy.


Based on the applied Web Advice, Mrs Guibert found some results that she could implement in the management of the EARL Chasseigne farm. For example, she found that her treatment time is in line with the average in France, but 13 seconds longer than the top 10% farms in France. This also has an influence on the quantity of milk per minute she can collect. Based on this information and the tips given by the Web Advice application, she knows what to look for when inspecting her cows and checking her robot to improve the performance.

When asked if she would recommend the online web advice to other farmers, Mrs Guibert answers: “You should always set yourself the challenge of improving your farm management and your performance. We have already been milking with robots for about 12 years, but we are still keen to make improvements, so yes, I would certainly recommend this to other farmers.”

If you are curious to discover how your own farm is performing and where you can make improvements, take a look at YourGuide in the left menu bar on T4C. Farm Management Support offers you three different Web Advice tools for free: 

  • AMS visit behavior and failures. 
  • Optimizing robot performance.
  • Reducing fetch cows.

For further information about the online Web Advice tool, please contact your local FMS advisor.