Lely T4C InHerd 2.6

Lely T4C InHerd is the device to be used within the herd. Signals and attentions can be followed up on the spot. For this reason a few small, but rather important, changes have been implemented. This is to increase ease of use.

Management, T4C & InHerd


Signals - device indications
Within Signals the device indications, or CRS call-outs, are now displayed. This means that when an attention is generated, the device and reason for the attention are displayed accordingly. By showing this information on the Smartphone, actions on the correct device can be taken when this fits into the work routine. Besides this, it provides a clear overview of the various devices and attentions. The device indications are available for the Lely Astronaut A3 (Next) and A4 milking robots.


The ‘Milk Now’ and ‘Routing’ actions are often used in the ‘Cow’ tool. For this reason they have been reordered to the beginning of the options to increase user friendliness.


Cow - insemination
During insemination, the sire needs to be registered which is essential for good registration, follow-up and history. Within the ‘Insemination’ tab, a search bar has now been included so that the correct sire can be selected quickly and easily without leaving the app.


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