Staying safe while using chemicals

Getting the most out of Lely’s extensive range of consumable products includes knowing how to handle, store and use them correctly. In this blog, Lely Atlantic’s Aftermarket Manager Thomas Nugent explains what every Lely farmer needs to know.



Investing in robotics is a major decision and taking care of your investment includes routine cleaning and maintenance. Using products from Lely’s comprehensive range of cow care, milk care and machine care products makes perfect sense, says Thomas Nugent.

“Our products are designed specifically with robots in mind and can handle the high temperatures required to keep everything scrupulously clean and running at optimum capacity,” he explains. However in order to use those specialist products effectively and safely there are certain things that all users should know.

Safe storage

Keeping chemical products stored safely and securely is vital, says Thomas. “They need to be kept away from children and animals, in a lockable space which is well organised and tidy. Individual products should be kept separately and stored on spill pallets where possible.” Storage areas should be under cover, cool, dry and well ventilated. “This should ensure the products are not subject to extreme temperature variations or direct sunlight.”

Users must always keep products in their original packaging so they can be identified and never mix or decant products, he adds.

Colour coding

Lely has introduced a unique colour coding system (see below) to help users identify products and how they should be used. Each product has its own combination of cap, jerry can and packaging colour/s. “Always check the combination of these indicators to make sure you have the right product – as well as the label,” says Thomas. 

These same colour codes are used in the central unit of the Lely Astronaut milking robot. Users can therefore match red to red, blue to blue and green to green to ensure correct use of each product. Products that are not to be used in the Astronaut, such as tank cleaning products, always have a two-tone colour-coding.

As well as the colours, products are labelled with a Milk Care, Cow Care or Machine Care symbol for further identification.


colour-coding schema_EN JPG.jpg

Handle with care

“It’s an employer’s duty to make sure their employees are aware of the safety concerns for each product and know how they should be used and handled safely,” explains Thomas. Lely products are supplied with a ‘Safety Data Sheet’ which should be kept visible where the products are stored so that information is easily available.

“Safety goggles or a face shield and gloves are important when handling chemicals,” he says. “It takes just seconds to put them on but will prevent burns or injuries from spills or splashes. Everyone on the farm should also know exactly what to do in case there is an accident,” he adds. Having a well-stocked first aid kit to hand, just in case, is important too.

“Above all, don’t rush when handling chemicals,” he advises. “Taking time to do these tasks mindfully and avoiding short cuts will help avoid accidents and spills.”

For more information on the Lely consumables range and for advice on how to use them safely and effectively visit: or contact your local Lely Center.