Lely Horizon Webinar - 9th September at 7.30pm

Do you want to know how to make your farms data work for you? Are you interested in knowing how to improve your farms' profitability and sustainability? Then why not register to our upcoming Lely Horizon virtual webinar where you can learn all about our new farm management application, which takes your data to forecast performances and gives you clear choices to optimise your farm. 

Learn how the Lely Horizon takes all relevant data from your farm and processes it into a user-friendly application providing you with practical advice and support you need to manage your farm. 

Information such as daily and scheduled routines based on cow touches will be planned in a logical and more efficient manner offering insights you need at the right time and place. This application allows you to connect all equipment and suppliers on your farm where you can take advantage of the smart algorithms, connectivity and the cloud. Isn't now the time to make your farm data work for you?

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Agenda of the webinar

Below is a breakdown of the agenda outlining all key speakers and the topics they will be covering:

Stewart McAlister, Customer Solutions Manager at Lely Atlantic: "Horizon evolution not revolution"
Willie Fleming, Customer/Farmer: "Why the app works well for me?"
Pat Farrelly, Customer/Farmer: "Managing my grazing herd with Horizon"
George Lester, Customer/Farmer: "Concentrate Optimiser"
Mike Steele, FMS Lead at Lely Atlantic: "Lead What is bimodality?"
John Ford, FMS Specialist at Lely Atlantic: "Pre Treatment Optimiser – how it helps farmers?"
Stewart McAlister, Customer Solutions Manager at Lely Atlantic: "Next steps"

Lely introduces Horizon - Future Farming at your fingertips

Lely Horizon works well with

Lely Astronaut

The natural way to milk

An increased milk yield and overviews whenever and wherever you want them: automatic milking makes it all possible. The milking system collects data per cow on milk production and cow health. This alerts you on time to any changes, allowing you to devote your attention to the cows that need it most.

Lely Vector

Flexible fresh feeding

Get better returns from your feed strategy by giving your cows fresh and well-mixed rations several times a day. Without it costing you any more time. The Lely Vector minimises labour, feed costs and fuel and provides fresh feed for healthy and productive cows.