Efficient due to dual usage

Become even more efficient with this unique all-in-one loader wagon and silage transport wagon. The Lely Tigo XR completes its tasks seamlessly, with no conversion from one function to the other. The heavy-duty chassis, combined with the innovative superstructure, makes these wagons capable of withstanding the loads imposed by heavy silage.

Perfectly chopped crop

Feed efficiency is increased with the optimal cutting unit. The rotor tines and knives are placed close together, resulting in highly precise chopping. The ideally chopped crop stimulates rumination and thus productivity. To ensure perfectly chopped crops, changing the knives has been made easy. Simply unlock the chopping unit without any tools to replace all of the knives at the same time.

Perfect loading concept

Feed harvesting demands optimal feed quality for excellent milk and meat production. The extremely friendly crop handling of the Tigo XR is superior. This is due to the unique design of the rotor fingers and therefore the smallest cutting gap on the market. The combination of both features ensures a perfect and easy cutting process, thus minimising crop damage and maximising feed quality.

Additional loading space

Create additional loading space very simply with the unique multifunctional bulkhead construction that comes with the Tigo XR. A smart hydraulic system enables the bulkhead to be tilted forwards and backwards, creating extra loading volume in the wagon. The multifunctional bulkhead offers additional functions, such as an automatic loading system and unloading assistance for complete emptying of the wagon.

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Product specifications

Capacity (average compacting)* (m3) Content (DIN 11471) (m3) Loader unit Max. weight allowed (kg) Minimum cutting length (mm) Pick-up working width (m)
Lely Tigo XR 100 (D) 100 54 (52/54**) Rotor 31.000 37 2,00
Lely Tigo XR 65 (D) 65 38 (36/38**) Rotor 24.000 37 2,00
Lely Tigo XR 75 (D) 75 44 (42/44**) Rotor 24.000/31.000 37 2,00

* Depending on crop conditions / ** Without discharge rollers / D = with discharge rollers

The Lely Tigo XR works well with

Lely Hibiscus

Neat crops in perfect swaths

Enjoy clean crops in perfect swaths. Minimise fungi and bacteria in the feed to safeguard the health of your animals. Set your desired working width for the various Lely Hibiscus rakes and find the optimal swath width. This saves considerable time in the next step of the harvest process.

Lely Vector

Flexible fresh feeding

Get better returns from your feed strategy by giving your cows fresh and well-mixed rations several times a day. Without it costing you any more time. The Lely Vector minimises labour, feed costs and fuel and provides fresh feed for healthy and productive cows.

Lely Original Spare Parts

Lely Original Spare Parts

For a long lifespan and maximum safety

Achieve the optimal lifespan and quality of your machines and opt for the Lely Original spare parts. All parts are carefully put together at the time of development based on quality, performance, sustainability and ease of use.

More about Lely Original Spare Parts


Harvest a large quantity of crops from the land and cut and transport them in one go with just one person. Retaining nutrients with no unnecessary damage to crops. We offer loader wagons in different configurations and always with the best treatment of crops as the guiding principle.


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