By mowing at the right moment you can influence the energy, nutrients and texture of forage in line with the needs of your livestock. This increases the animals’ feed intake and results in healthy and productive cattle.

Splendimo mowers guarantee perfect ground-contour following. This means that you can efficiently obtain the highest amount of crop from the field in the shortest possible amount of time. Ideal for harvest time.

The unique frame of the M, MC and Triplo mower models is the secret behind this. The frame is made in one piece and mounted at the centre of gravity. This ensures excellent ground-contour following and a clean cutting pattern.

Maximum harvest

The more crop you can mow in one time, the better. Not only for the sake of saving time but also for maximising yield. Only a mower with perfect ground-contour following can ensure maximum harvest. The Splendimo models M, MC and Triplo offer that ideal ground-contour following. The frame was designed with the right balance and freedom of movement in mind. The smart breakaway protective device safeguards capacity in the case of contact with obstacles.

Perfect ground-contour following and clean cutting patterns thanks to balance and freedom of movement 

The Splendimo M, MC and Triplo models are perfectly balanced. This allows the mowers to make a clean and neat cutting pattern. Guaranteed maximum harvest.

Thanks to the machine’s mounting. Contrary to other mowers, the frame of the Splendimo M, MC and Triplo is mounted on the machine’s centre of gravity. This prevents part of the mower being heavier and putting more pressure on crops and on the ground. 

Allowing you to easily mow even the most uneven of plots. The twin pivot system of the Splendimo M, MC and Triplo ensure complete freedom of movement. The pivot point, through which the arm is coupled to the supporting frame, lies behind the rear right wheel. As a result, the tractor and mower can move separately from each other. The freedom of movement ensures excellent ground-contour following, and that again results in a perfect cutting pattern. 


Capacity thanks to the breakaway protective device 

The capacity of the mower remains optimal with the breakaway protective device. As soon as the mower meets an obstacle, the protective device ensures that you can carry on mowing, in just two steps. 

The frame behind the tractor pivots up and back at the same time. As a result, the pivot point for the middle suspension arm is raised. At the same time, the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder goes up, making the mowing part lighter. 

This provides the maximum amount of space to avoid the obstacle. Or, in extreme cases, even to eliminate it. 

Straight afterwards the mower returns to its working position through its own weight and you can resume mowing. The breakaway protection thereby ensures safe non-stop mowing, leaving high capacity intact.

Strong and durable

In addition, the frame of the M, MC and Triplo mowers requires little maintenance. As it is made in one piece, the frame has no welds or other parts that are vulnerable to wear-and-tear. This not only ensures that the frame is strong, but also that it is durable without needing maintenance. Robust technology that will accompany you for many years.


The best harvest is obtained by mowing at the right time. This is how you determine the energy, nutrients and structure of the crops based on your animals’ feed requirements. With our mowers, you can be sure of the lowest possible power requirements combined with the highest possible capacity.


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