A gurantee of high-quality feed

During raking, the transport wheels do not touch the crops. This means no pressure on the ground, preventing dirt intake and crop damage. The four-rotor rake also has the Ro-tine system fitted by design. This means that the material barely comes into contact with the ground, minimising pressure on crops. The result is clean and tasty feed with the right structure.

Perfect stability in all working conditions

Benefit from perfect stability and the resulting speed, thanks to the foldable transport wheels that are unique to this machine. When raking begins, the frame folds out the transport wheels, making the rake wider. The wider the machine, the more stable it is, and stability means speed. This stability and speed applies in all working conditions, even in hilly areas.

Comfortable and safe on the road

Whatever tractor you use, the four-rotor rake can be connected to it, all the while maintaining safety. When it is being transported, the rear rotors first fold in, giving a narrower transport width at the rear. The locked wheel-base affords comfortable road handling and, when the rear rotors are folded in, minimal length and width.

Easy to use

During raking you no longer have to think about operating the machine. With the E-Link Pro you can control the machine from the tractor cab. As a result, it takes less than a minute to fold out the rake, and you can do this while you are driving. All of the major functions of the E-Link Pro are on the main screen. This makes the Lely Hibiscus 1515 the most user-friendly machine on the market.

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The Lely Hibiscus four-rotor rake is suited to
every farm

Product specifications

Number of tine arms Power requirements (kW/hp) Swath width (m) Weight (kg) Working width (m)
Lely Hibiscus 1515 CD Profi 11/2 + 13/2 90 / 120 1,20 - 4,00 5.820 11,00 - 14,80

The Lely Hibiscus four-rotor rake works well with

Lely Lotus

Quick drying ensures quality

Speed up the drying process for the perfect dry-matter content in your crops and influence the consistency and quality of silage. All of our tedders—mounted and trailed, as well as the Combi that is both tedder and rake—are equipped with the unique Lely hook tine, which increases the capacity by 50%.

Lely Tigo

Fast, efficient and crop friendly

Harvest a large quantity of crops from the field and cut and transport them in one go. Retaining nutrients and protecting crop structure. We provide loader wagons with swing arms or rotors. You are always assured of getting the best crop treatment for high-quality feed.

Lely Original Spare Parts

Lely Original Spare Parts

For a long lifespan and maximum safety

Achieve the optimal lifespan and quality of your machines and opt for the Lely Original spare parts. All parts are carefully put together at the time of development based on quality, performance, sustainability and ease of use.

More about Lely Original Spare Parts


Rake your crops as neatly as possible into the perfect swath and minimise undesirable mould and bacteria in the feed. The working width of our rakes is easily adjustable to create the ideal swath width for the next step in the harvest process.


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