Accelerating the drying process enables you to achieve the right dry-matter content in the crop faster. This is better for both the quality and consistency of the silage, and good forage results in healthy and productive cattle.

The Lely hook tine speeds up the drying process. This unique hook tine, which is fitted on all Lely Lotus tedders, enables 50% more tedding capacity than other tedders on the market. This capacity has remained unrivalled since its launch over fifty years ago!

Performance – high and fast

Thanks to its angled shape, the hook tine lifts the crop easily and effectively. The tines pick up the crop from both sides close to the rotors. They get right into the crop flow and achieve maximum grip on the crop.

This enables not only light and dry material, but also heavy and wet crops, to be lifted and handled effortlessly. The result is that the machine turns up to 50% more crop than other tedders.

In combination with the overall design of the tedder, the maximum capacity can be converted into speed. As such, the tedding performance is both high and fast.

Ground contours

The hook tine is also guaranteed to follow the contours of the ground carefully. The trailed positioning of the tine means that it follows the contours of the ground to ensure that the crop pick-up and handling operation runs smoothly. Thanks to its five springs, the hook tine has more vertical movement than a straight tine.

The unique combination of the trailed positioning and the flexibility due to the springs minimises contamination and ensures that the whole crop is tedded in an even manner.


Optimal turning effect

The innovative construction of the hook tine guarantees optimal turning of the crop. As a result, the wet, heavier crop always lands on top of the dry crop, speeding up the drying process. No other tedder with conventional tines can rival this turning effect.

Two tines

To achieve the optimum turning action, the hook tine comprises two tines: a longer one for wet – and hence heavier – crop and a shorter one for dry crop. This variation in length creates a difference in speed during tedding. The longer tine moves approximately 12% faster than the shorter one.

Faster drying

Because the wet crop – picked up by the long tine – is tossed at a higher speed, it remains in the air longer than the dry crop. This means that the wet crop always lands on top of the dry crop, making the final tedding result even better.

Therefore, in conjunction with the wide working width, the hook tines pick up and transport the largest crop volumes on the market today.


Obtain the perfect dry-matter content in your crops quickly by speeding up the drying process. By doing so, you influence the consistency and the quality of your silage. Obtain 50% more capacity with the unique hook tines on our tedders.


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