Speed and high capacity are the basis of Lely Lotus tedders. Because the quicker you dry your crop, the better the quality of your feed.

To achieve this high speed, Lely Lotus tedders are equipped with the latest in smart technology. Apart from the Lely hook tines, the drive system of the machine also ensures speed and quality through capacity.

Fast and reliable 

The Lotus tedder comes equipped with this drive system. Since the launch of the tedder, it has been continually improved. The drive has a direct effect on the weight distribution during tedding. For stability and speed.

Easy to manoeuvre with heavy-duty drive lines

To quickly and accurately be able to take corners, a tedder must be able to manoeuvre easily. To achieve maximum manoeuvrability, and the ensuing speed, the drive lines of the Lotus tedders are equipped with double universal couplings. These ensure the machine’s smooth manoeuvrability. 

Double universal couplings are also an ideal solution for keeping maintenance low. 


Uninterrupted tedding through weight distribution

Large gear units in the frame ensure a high-powered drive while at the same time reducing power at peak times. The machine automatically distributes the weight of large quantities of crops, meaning that during tedding, the weight doesn’t all have to be supported by the tedder itself. This reduces the risk of damage to the machine and ensures uninterrupted tedding. 

Weight is always evenly distributed over the wide pivot points during tedding. This makes the machine more stable, ensuring a longer lifespan and a higher trade-in value. 


Obtain the perfect dry-matter content in your crops quickly by speeding up the drying process. By doing so, you influence the consistency and the quality of your silage. Obtain 50% more capacity with the unique hook tines on our tedders.


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