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Your dairy cows will find their own way to the milking robot based on the free cow traffic concept. This is the very reason as to why Lely places attention on cow health.

We understand the importance of healthy and mobile animals and their contribution to solid returns for your farm. This is why we develop comprehensive solutions such as disinfectant and caring udder sprays. As well as products for a good and hygienic cubicle. In this way, you not only accomplish improved udder health, but also foster a good lying behaviour, which translates into higher milk yields. This way, milk yield, milk quality and cow health go hand in hand.

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Udder health

Udder health and milk quality are closely related. The use of adequate udder care products reduces the risk of various health related issues, such as an increase in somatic cell count or udder inflammation. By taking care of udder health, you ensure that cows can use their energy efficiently for producing good quality milk. Lely Consumables has a carefully selected range of udder care products for dairy farming. These products have been specially designed for use with a Lely Astronaut milking robot, and have a disinfecting and caring effect. Download the product catalog to find out which product fits your herd best or contact your local Lely Center.

Hoof health

Attention to hoof health pays off. Not just because it contributes to higher milk yields, but also because hoof problems are still the third main reason for culling dairy cows. Next to that, cows with healthy hooves are more productive and require less attention. Lely chooses the most natural way of milking where the cows go to the robot and feed fence at their own accord, it is thus essential that they can walk without any hinder. To ensure hoof health for the entire herd, Lely introduced the Lely Meteor hoof health approach. Download the product catalog to find out which products fit your needs or contact your local Lely Center.


Animal wellbeing and excellent milk quality are the keys to successful robotic milking. The more information we can retrieve from changes in the milk quality, the easier it is for dairy farmers to identify cows with potential problems. Early detection of udder health infections makes treatment of a cow at an early stage possible, thus preventing serious illnesses. For more product information, download the product catalog or contact your local Lely Center.

Cubicle hygiene

Cows lie down for approximately 14 hours per day to rest and ruminate. While lying down, blood circulation through the udders, and therefore milk production, increase. Lely housing products ensure a clean and hygienic environment for your herd. Lely offers different products to contribute to cubicle management. For more product information, download the product catalog or contact your local Lely Center.

Calf health

Calf health deserves attention and time. The better the start a calf has, the greater the chance of having a healthy mature dairy cow. Thanks to thorough cleaning and rinsing by efficient means several times a day, the growth of bacteria is limited. A cleaner system ensures better milk quality and healthier calves. Lely offers different product to ensure calf health. For more product information, download the product catalog or contact your local Lely Center.


Hygienic working prevents the spread of contagious animal diseases and promotes good animal health. Which is very important when working on a dairy farm. Download the product catalog to find out which product contribute to a hygienic and safe working environment. Or contact your local Lely Center for more information.

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