Happier cows, happier farmer, happier staff

Lely Atlantic presents technological opportunities for the post-Brexit dairy industry

On March 29, a small yet significant meeting took place in the House of Lords with participants such as Zoetis, Volac, Barclays and Lely Atlantic. Goal of the meeting was to discover solutions to the challenges that the post-Brexit UK dairy industry faces. Lely Atlantic was present and showed how farm automation can improve dairy farms’ results significantly.

April 25, 2017


The meeting focused on a few major challenges the industry faces. In his presentation, Andy Stewart (Managing Director Lely Atlantic) zoomed in on 2 of them: economic challenges for most non-aligned farmers and technical challenges on cost reduction.

Technology can help post-Brexit

By showcasing 2 remarkable customer stories, Andy shed light on the opportunities that robotic milking and farm automation can bring to the UK dairy farmers. NRM benchmark figures show – for instance – that the average milk yield per Lely cow being milked with a Lely milking robot is significantly higher. On average a Lely cow produces 2 kilo of milk / cow / day more compared to non-Lely cows.

Looking at the number of UK dairy farmers not (yet) milking with a robot showed clearly the potential of UK dairy farmers to become more productive and cost efficient.

Customer story Andrew Griffiths, Bulls Green Farm, Cheshire, UK

Daisy the cow

All figures were explained by the story of Daisy the cow in a barn built on the Lely principles for free cow traffic. A happy cow who can walk towards the milking robot whenever she needs to. After she gets milked, there is time to socialize with her friends, there’s plenty of fresh food and water, enough space to lie down, rest and ruminate. And she also has the freedom to go outside for grazing the juice green fields.

Daisy is a happy cow. And so are here friends. This happy herd makes the farmer happier and also the staff.

More information about Daisy and the way she lives?

Are you interested to learn more about the opportunities technology can bring to your dairy farm? Feel free to contact Andy and his team at Lely Atlantic. They’ll be more than happy to inform you about automatic milking and farm automation.

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