Lely Aircon team up with Ecocel Renewables Ltd.

Ecocel Renewables Ltd. appointed Service and Technical Support

Lely Aircon would like to announce that as from September 2017 Ecocel Renewables Ltd will become Lely Aircons designated Center for Service and Technical Support in the United Kingdom. Ecocel Renewables Ltd, based in East Kilbride, have an established wind turbine servicing division giving them experience, along with an extensive client base, to efficiently carry out servicing of all sizes of wind turbines from small 5kw turbines to 500kw turbines across Scotland and the North of England.

Oct. 23, 2017


Ecocel Renewables Ltd will now train and support a secondary network of authorised local service technicians where access to spare parts and technical support will be quicker along with Ecocel Renewables Ltd having both the capability and capacity to carry out repairs to turbines in East Kilbride where a factory standard repair is necessary.


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