Join us Tuesday 29th September at 7.30pm to discover how you can optimise your feeding process. 

We invite you to join us on our 360° virtual tour of Vector farms in UK and Ireland. Our guest speaker Martin Kavanagh will discuss topics like feed management, the nutritional needs of various animal groups, rumen health and feed conversion efficiency.

Guestspeaker Martin Kavanagh.
Martin is a qualified veterinarian, Cow Signals® trainer and dairy & beef herd health consultant. One of his main areas of expertise is cow nutrition and he has worked internationally in a variety of ruminant production systems. Over the past 20 years, he has worked in roles as a farmer, practising veterinarian, cattle nutritionist, in agri-business and skills training.



Martin Kavanagh talks about feed efficiency


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During our virtual 360° tour, we visit the farms of Andrew Griffith in UK and David Millar in Northern Ireland. Our guest speaker, Dairy & Beef Herd Performance Consultant; Martin Kavanagh will also host a live Q&A.

Smart feeding

Efficient feeding has a positive effect on cow health and milk production. Mixing the right portions in the right quantities and releasing them at exactly the right time requires knowledge, understanding and time. Our automatic feed products take on this task and are extremely efficient. This saves you time and always provides the right feed at the right time.

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