The Lely Meteor stands for optimum hoof health through corrective and preventive action. Treatment occurs in close consultation with the hoof care specialist of your choice and our specialist from Farm Management Support (FMS). Together, we work for the best possible result.

The corrective treatment by the Lely Meteor operates a zero tolerance policy: every hoof of every cow is checked, and treated until it is healthy. As a result, the improvement to hoof health throughout the farm is already significant in three weeks.

All-round approach

Checks inside and outside the barn

To begin with, an FMS specialist checks all the factors inside and outside the barn which have an effect on hoof health. From the floor to the cubicle, and from the fodder to how hoof health is managed. After this check, we set out a plan of approach together with you. Your goals for your business, and the results of the checks are the basis for this.

Phase 1 - corrective treatment

In the first phase we check every hoof of every cow in the barn. Even those of dry cows and calves. Any anomaly, however small, is treated. The Lely Meteor starters’ kit includes everything you need to carry out those checks and treatments.

The treated hoves are then checked again and re-treated if deemed necessary. This zero tolerance approach means that within a few weeks you will note a significant improvement to hoof health.


The checks and treatment can be carried out by you or by the hoof care specialist you work with. During the corrective treatment, the FMS specialist guides the hoof care specialist in the Meteor approach. We work as a team to get the best result.

Phase 2 - Preventive treatment with the Meteor sprayers

In the second phase it is crucial that any hoof disease is reduced to a manageable level. From this point on, the preventive effect of the Lely Meteor Sprayers become important.

The Lely Meteor Automatic Sprayer is installed in the Lely Astronaut, our automatic milking system. This guarantees treatment at every milking.

Based on two to three milkings per day, the hoves of all milk-producing cows are preventively treated an equal number of times. This occurs in two stages: before milking the hoves are washed with the Lely Meteor Wash Spray. After milking the hoves are treated with the Lely Meteor Care Spray. Both sprays are free from aggressive products and therefore kind to the skin. Experience has shown that cows quickly get accustomed to hoof treatment during milking.

Cows that do not visit the milking robot must be regularly treated with the Lely Meteor Mobile Sprayer and the Lely Meteor Care Spray.


Continual improvement

The dynamics of your livestock require constant attention and structural application of the zero tolerance policy. Your FMS specialist is there to follow-up on the goals you have defined together. In that way we continue to improve and contribute to healthy, lasting and optimally productive animals.

Animal health

Healthy cows are crucial for every dairy farm. A health herd contributes to a healthy business. The combination of stress-free cows enjoying enough space, behaving naturally and a healthy rumination contributes to the total cow health reducing the risk of diseases and infection.