Increased cost control

Generating and consuming your own energy brings independence from the local energy suppliers. It protects you from fluctuating energy prices and increases your control over your operating costs. Your turbine provides the answer to the growing demand for electricity that comes with automated and traditional farming. For today, and also for the next twenty years.

Reliable and sustainable

You can count on reliability and durability. We have designed our farm turbines with a focus on longevity and quality. Therefore they contain a minimum number of moving parts, resulting in limited maintenance. A basic annual service is all they need.


The limited use of moving parts also results in a low noise level. Regardless of the distance between you and the turbine, you hear only the wind blowing. User friendliness for you and your environment are the highest priority.

Download the brochure

Download de brochure

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An investment that is quickly recouped

Let a local dealer advise you

* These are the average figures for our customers


Self-consumption level

Let a local dealer advise you

* These are the average figures for our customers

Total cost of ownership

TCO comparison of Lely Aircon turbines to other small wind turbines


Product specifications

Cut-in wind speed (m/s) Cut-off wind speed (m/s) Nominal wind speed (m/s) Rated output (kW) Revolutions per minute (rpm) Rotor diameter (m) Survival wind speed (m/s)
Lely Aircon 10 2.50 25 11 9.80 50 - 130 7.50 59.50
Lely Aircon 30 3.50 25 12 29.80 35 - 68 13.12 59.50

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Service and support

Service and support

Our sales team guides you through the installation process for your turbine. This begins with a feasibility study at your farm followed by support in the building permit process. It is followed by contact with the local grid supplier and installation and service of the turbine.

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Why Lely?

Increased independence by producing your own green energy: this is now within reach. Energy generation and consumption where it is needed results in a self-sufficient farm. Your business performance improves, since fluctuating energy costs no longer influence you and your farm.


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