The Dairy XL unit are a specialist team here to help address the unique challenges faced by farms of 500 or more cows. We work to share best practice, designs and processes between customers throughout the world who are looking to integrate farm automation products in to their businesses.

Whether you’re an existing large herd, or have plans to grow your business to 500 cows and beyond, we’re here for you.  By connecting humans, animals and technology together, we help can help your farm to produce the highest quality and quantity of milk in the most efficient way possible.

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Looking for more information on automated feeding for your herd? Discover how the Lely Vector has helped maximise feed intake and minimise wastage on other large herds. Download the Dairy XL Experience brochure to learn more about the Lely's large farming solutions.

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Dairy XL - here for you

For decades to come, the dairy industry has the challenge of meeting increasing global demand for high-quality food. For more than 20 years, the Dairy XL team have been helping our customers to do just this, and we know that growth is key.

Pursuing growth and labour efficiency through our automatic milking system is a proven route to success. Progressive dairy farms find the perfect partner in Dairy XL. We can guide you towards a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future.

  • For new build dairy units, we can offer comprehensive design support to help build an optimised layout for automated farming.  Working with your local Lely Center, the Dairy XL team are on hand to help project manage your plans, and can guide the entire process from inception to completion. 
  • If you’d prefer to repurpose your existing layout to accommodate robotic solutions, we can help you maximise the available space for greater returns on your automation project.  Our team of experienced layout specialists offer a computer aided design service to help you visualise the project from start to finish. 

The Dairy XL team continue to support you long after your robots are commissioned, as we’re committed to helping you reap maximum return on your investment.  Whatever your circumstances, our team can help your farm benefit from experience gained at the most effective and innovative dairy units across the world.


What our customers say
about Dairy XL

Finance options

Flexibility and room for growth

Whether you’re looking to grow by small steps or great leaps, our automatic milking system is an easy fit.

Whatever your choice, we can facilitate your growth. At Lely Finance, we offer finance options that provide you with that extra flexibility and room for growth. Ensuring sustainable finance means you can invest without losing liquidity. Costs remain manageable and fit in better with the day-to-day use of our products.

Growth in practice

Slow and progressive expansion is a great route to sustainable results.  A perfect example of long-term growth is Hemdale Farms in the USA. Here, through collaboration with the Dairy XL team, the business was able to achieve the expansion rate they were looking for.

Take a look at the figure below to see how Hemdale Farms achieved their growth, step by step.

‘The work in the barn becomes easier the less work that needs to be done by humans.’

The growth of Hemdale Farms
None 2007 2009 2010 2014 2015 2017 2021
Astronaut milking robots 4 12 13 17 19 21 22

The Dairy XL principles

The Dairy XL team work to three simple principles

  • The cow has no time – maximising efficiency and milk yield require minimal time away from the feed fence and cubicles.  The Dairy XL team work to minimise standing time and maximise the productivity of your herd.
  • Work around the cow – We put “free cow traffic” at the heard of what we do.  Our layout designs maximise efficiency by managing cows by exception and avoiding unnecessary herd disruption.
  • Increased efficiency through a focus on management – We help drive profitability by working with you and your team to develop standard operating procedures to manage routines effectively

These principles are a tried and tested formula to help improve outcomes for your business.

Here at Lely, we believe that spending less time organising and resourcing milking means more time available for effective farm management.  At Dairy XL, we aim to be at the forefront of industry thinking. We sit down with you to look at how best to incorporate automation into your business. Our colleagues from Farm Management Support then help to realise the full potential of your farm automation decisions.

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Lely Astronaut

The natural way to milk

An increased milk yield and overviews whenever and wherever you want them: automatic milking makes it all possible. The milking system collects data per cow on milk production and cow health. This alerts you on time to any changes, allowing you to devote your attention to the cows that need it most.

Lely Vector

Flexible fresh feeding

Get better returns from your feed strategy by giving your cows fresh and well-mixed rations several times a day. Without it costing you any more time. The Lely Vector minimises labour, feed costs and fuel and provides fresh feed for healthy and productive cows.

Lely Juno

Increasing feed intake has never been easier

The Lely Juno takes over the repetitive work of pushing the feed multiple times a day. By pushing feed regularly, it is always within the cows’ reach. Every cow, even those lower in rank, can eat the roughage it needs for optimal rumen health and growth.

Why Lely?

Flexibility and well-being for yourself and your cows while at the same time producing high-quality milk. That is what our barn concept offers. From milking to feeding and from care to barn lighting.