Taurus Certified Equipment

Certified, reliable milking

What are the advantages of Lely Taurus Certified?

Not every Lely Used robot is Taurus certified

If you want to buy a used milking robot, how can you find out about its mechanical condition and history? It’s actually very simple. A Lely Taurus certified robot relieves you of every concern. It gives you the same confidence, peace of mind and certainty that you would have with a new robot. All Taurus Certified products are pre-selected and fully inspected, and supplied with a 12-month guarantee.

In perfect condition...

...with Taurus Certified!

Your equipment must perform at the highest level and the way you want it to, so Taurus Certified machines are fitted with the latest Lely technology and original Lely parts. Additional options are also possible. Certified machines undergo extensive testing and a factory audit before being installed. After installation, we maintain our certified robots with the greatest care. As a result, your Taurus will give many years of service, while maintenance costs remain comparable to a new robot.

Comprehensive inspection

Your Lely Center will carry out this Lely Taurus Certified programme for you. First, the Center analyses whether the second-hand Lely machine is suitable for a Taurus Certified label. Unsuitable machines can be recommended for reconditioning at a Lely Center. Only those machines that pass our performance tests flawlessly are eligible for the Taurus Certified certification process. When upgrading used Lely robots, our specialist certified technicians thoroughly inspect 160 points.

Profitability through reliability

Milking systems with the Lely Taurus label only change hands after they have been completely reconditioned and updated with the latest technology. The reconditioned milking system is supplied with the Lely Horizon management system. A Lely Taurus milking robot is configured to the needs and requirements of its new owner. Maximum profitability through reliability at a relatively low cost.

The Lely Taurus is suited to every farm

Options when buying used Lely robots

  Technology Service Condition Guarantee

Taurus certified

Reconditioned by certified Lely Center according to Lely factory standards

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Lely Center Reconditioned

Your used Lely milk-, feed- or manure robots, reconditioned according to criteria set by you and the Lely Center together

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Reconditioned Lely milking, feeding or manure robots

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