For a sustainable dairy farm, it is important to feed the soil and crops for optimal growth and to improve closing mineral cycles. Lely Sphere is a circular manure-handling system for separating and reusing mineral flows on dairy farms. A small adjustment to the slatted floor ensures separation of manure and urine. Source-oriented separation results in less ammonia in the barn. The manure gases that occur below and just above the barn floor are caught. A filter converts the ammonia into circular nitrogen fertiliser. This makes it possible to use 70% of nitrogen losses due to emissions for fertilisation.

The system separates three mineral streams that you can use for precision fertilisation. With the valuable components from the manure, you can optimally feed the soil and crops and thus harvest more nutritional value using your own manure. The barn has a clean floor and fresh air because there are hardly any gases or manure present. You can even preserve the natural ventilation and the outlet to the pasture.

Separate mineral flows

By processing urine, faeces and ammonia emissions separately, you have more control over the mineral flows and you can fertilise the soil and crops a lot better according to their needs.

Capturing & converting emissions

Enzymes in the manure convert urea in the urine into ammonia. This vaporises within a few hours. Any ammonia emissions captured and converted into circular nitrogen fertiliser do not need to be compensated for with purchased fertilisers.

Healthier barn climate

There are hardly any manure gases in and under the barn, which makes the air fresher and healthier. The natural ventilation and the outlet to the pasture are preserved. Manure robots keep the floor clean, preventing hygiene-related problems.


An investment that makes your farm ready for the future

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conversion of ammonia emissions*

Let a local dealer advise you

* These are the average figures for our customers

‘‘The nutrients in the manure are now in a more readily usable form.’’

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