Blog 7 “Personal Protection”

EH: We always say that you should have enough personal protective equipment on hand. Is there a legal framework for this or can everyone fill it in as they see fit?
HBY: The most important thing is that you protect yourself. An accident can always happen and then it is important to have personal protective equipment on. As far as I’m concerned, minimal protection means the eyes and hands. What exactly is recommended can be found on the label, the safety data sheet and our Lely chemical charts. Mentioning these recommendations is mandatory. Whether you follow them is your own responsibility.
EH: Suppose I’m one of the employees and part of my job is to keep a stock of cleaning and disinfectant products. Do I have to take care of my personal protective equipment myself?
HBY: In most cases, you don’t have to. In fact, in many countries employers are obliged to make personal protective equipment available for their employees. Strictly speaking, as an employee you may even refuse to perform these tasks if the personal protective equipment is not available.
EH: Can the employer also oblige me to use it?
HBY: In some countries, yes. As an employer, I would in any case clearly explain the risks and consequences. Because please note: if something happens to you as an employee and you have not used the personal protective equipment, then you will be completely responsible for it. But why take the risk? It is a small effort.
EH: I totally agree with you. Fortunately, the majority of users realise what they are doing and take proper precautions. Speaking of which: do you have a sort of “Top 5” precautions?
HBY: When it comes to personal protective equipment, I do. On top of the list is eye protection – think of safety glasses or a face mask. I don’t care in what sort of form, but eye protection is priority no. 1 for me. Then follow gloves, safety shoes, clothing and head protection.
EH: I assume that the farmer has to purchase these accessories themself. Can they turn to Lely for this?
HBY: Lely supplies the essentials: eye protection and gloves. In many cases, it is more interesting to purchase the other items locally.
EH: I can imagine. A farmer recently told me that he had chosen a specialised company as a supplier for his protective equipment. Easy, because they also had additional articles that you want to have available. Think of a first aid kit, eye wash and stickers for safety signs.
HBY: Indeed. Personal protective equipment is one thing, but if something does happen, you would also like to have items that help to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

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