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Would you like to understand the health benefits provided by Lely automatic milking systems? Are you keen to learn more about the robots reliability from farmers who have installed them? Then register for our up coming Cow Health & Reliability Farmers Panel where you can learn all about Lely automatic milking systems, talk to industry experts and see how you can improve your herds health with reliable systems.

Find out how farmers Jerome O'Connor, Rikki Bayer and Michael Barrett have improved the overall health of their herd and how they have found the reliability of the robots, since installing their automatic milking systems.

Event programme

Date: 17th May 2023
Location: Charleville Park Hotel,  Limerick Rd, Rathgoggan North, Charleville, Co. Cork, Ireland, P56 V268
18:30 - Arrival with welcome refreshments
19:30 to 20:00 - Introduction to the farmers panel, by Addi Kidson (Customer Sales Support) and Oliva Edgerton (Farm Management Support) from Lely Atlantic. Followed by introductions and open discussion by the farmers - Jerome O’Connor, Michael Barrett and Rikki Bayer
20:00 to 21:30 - Open Q&A session addressing how the Lely Astronaut A5 can benefit your farm and herd
21:30 - Departure

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Meet the panelists

Addi & Olivia

Lely Atlantic

Addi Kidson; Customer Sales Support is our expert on the Astronaut and grazing with robotic milking. Olivia Edgerton; Farm Management Support (FMS), has a wealth of knowledge on our farm management software Horizon.

Michael Barrett


Originally keen to incorporate automatic milking systems into the farm due to the flexibility offered. He runs a successful dairy, and since starting up in March 2020, has found the robots have freed up more time to focus on other farm activities. They are milking 170 cows on three A5 robots.

Jerome O’Connor


Coming back from wokring in both the US and New Zealand, Jerome knew he wanted to update the exisitng facilities on his home farm. Jerome works in partnership with his mother Nuala and his father James, Milking 120 cows in two A5 robots in Ardagh, Co. Limerick since March 2021. The robots are on a Greenfield site where their calves that they produce are brought to forward stores.

Rikki Bayer


Originally from Germany, Rikki took over a dairy farm in January 2022 where she now milks 130 cows on two A4 robots and raises her own youngstock with assistance from the landowner and her partner. Previously, she had worked on a variety of other farms in Ireland but fell in love with Northeast Cork where she farms now.

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Lely Astronaut A5 Milking solutions

‘Discover how the Lely Astronaut A5 can benefit your farm and herd today. All of our solutions can be used to achieve your specific goals, whether they be a more efficient use of labour, better cow health or increased yields. With the Lely Astronaut A5, you achieve optimal freedom of movement for your cows. With free cow traffic, the cows decide themselves when to eat, drink, relax or be milked. The Lely Astronaut A5 is designed with a focus on longevity and reliability. The more you can rely on the Astronaut, the better you can make use of the saved hours and flexibility. To be outstanding in terms of reliability and uptime, we eliminated critical components and extended the lifetime of others. This Astronaut is built for peace of mind.’

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