Advice for buying used robots

Buying ‘preloved’ Lely robots may be a good option for new entrants or where capital outlay is an obstacle. However just as with buying new, research is essential to avoid expensive mistakes, as Lely Atlantic’s Aftersales Manager Thomas Nugent explains.

Lely Used


As with any purchase of Lely technology, the first step when contemplating a second-hand robot should be to make contact with your local Lely Center says Thomas Nugent.

“We advocate a whole farm approach to automation,” he explains. “Your Lely Center can advise you on everything from farm layout, water and electricity requirements to the ongoing maintenance required and so on.

“Like any significant purchase it’s important to do your homework on the product,” he says. “Background research should also include visiting existing Lely farms, just as if you were buying new robots.

“It’s really important to think about all aspects of introducing robotics to the business and whether it is right for you. Don’t get caught out buying something that doesn’t meet your needs just because it is a bargain.

“Find out if the robot will really suit your needs and future plans. Do your farm layout and buildings need any changes? Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, the team will be happy to help.”

Lely Centers sometimes have used Astronauts for sale from customers who have upgraded or retired for example, he says. Other Lely robots including Juno and Discovery come up from time to time too. As the number of robotic farms increases the frequency of used robots being offered for sale is likely to increase too.

Robots sold by Lely Centers will have been well cared for during their life. They will also have gone through extensive checks after leaving their first farm, ready for service on the next one. Any parts needing to be replaced will of course be original Lely parts and the engineers doing the work will be fully certified.

Once on your farm the Lely Center team will be on hand 24/7 just as with new robots. “Customers buying a used robot will receive the same high levels of service as if they had bought new,” he adds.

Buying direct from a farmer is another option, however it is extremely important to consider the service history of such a machine and how it has been maintained, continues Thomas. “Has the previous owner used Lely consumables including wear parts? Have they followed the service plan and has it been maintained by experienced Lely engineers?  

“You also need to know who will install the robot and ensure it is calibrated correctly. Who will look after it and service it in the future? It may well be that your local Lely Center can provide this but make contact with them first and take advantage of their advice and expertise before you commit to buying.”

CLICK HERE for more information and to discuss the possibilities of buying a used robot contact your Lely Center.