Lely Juno Frequently Asked Questions

Increasing numbers of farmers are investigating how automated feed pushing with the Lely Juno could benefit them and their businesses. Here we answer some of the questions most frequently asked about the Lely Juno.

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What does thr Lely Juno do?
Lely Juno is an autonomous feed pushing robot. Travelling a pre-determined route it will independently visit the barn a set number of times (day and night) pushing feed up to the feed face. It can travel up to 1km on each round and returns to its docking station for recharging as necessary. The Juno can be controlled and route altered via the Control Plus mobile phone app.
What benefits will it give me and my staff?
The main reason our customers invest in the Juno is time-saving, with many telling us it saves around 28 minutes per day. One important job is ticked off the list every day, reliably and more frequently than if it were done by a team member. You will no longer use your tractor or telehandler for pushing feed which also means less fuel use. Juno will keep the feed alley clean and minimise feed waste. Plus, when you buy from Lely you benefit from ongoing support and advice from the experts at your local Lely Center.
What benefits can Juno bring my herd?
Cows that have constant access to fresh food are healthier and experience less stress, particularly the lower ranking animals. Benefits affecting fertility, hoof health and Body Condition Score (BCS) can be noted as a result of regular feeding and increased Dry Matter Intake (DMI).
Will it affect output?
Yes. When animals have consistent access to feed, their dry matter intake increases and this leads to increases in performance including fertility, milk yield and growth. Dairy farmers report milk yield increases of up to one litre per cow per day after introducing the Juno. Beef producers tell us that daily liveweight gain increases and that growth is more consistent across groups.
Is it affordable? What about running costs?
Like any investment there are finance options available to spread the cost. Visit: www.lely.com/gb/advice/lely-finance/ or speak to your local Lely Center for more information. Juno has an extremely energy-efficient motor which requires only 102kWh per year, therefore has low running costs. Compared to a tractor or telehandler the Juno has a positive effect on the farm’s carbon footprint.

Increased yield per cow per day

Increased milk revenue per day

Reduced labour per day

Soft Benefits

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Peace of mind





Herd fertility





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Less competition


Based on 100 cow herd @0.30 pence per litre, labour cost £20 per hour
How do I know if my farm set-up is suitable?
Contact your local Lely Center who would be very happy to discuss your unique situation with you.
What does installation involve?
Your farm layout will be assessed and the routes for your Juno will be planned with the aim of minimising the amount of open space that it travels across. The route can be a maximum of 1km with a maximum slope of 15 degrees and the Juno needs at least 2m width to work in. We will also decide on the best location for the docking station. This is where Juno returns for recharging. 
Are there any optional extras?
There are four options available. Skirt lifting is a feature that can be useful where Juno is required to visit multiple barns. It minimises wear and tear and also allows left and right pushing for increased versatility. Electric bumper protection is also available and an LED light can be added for enhanced visibility at night. Barn door control can also be added if your animals are housed in different barns and where Juno needs to open doors to access them.
What about return on investment?
This will depend on many factors including the size of your herd, how long you currently spend pushing feed and your herd’s current milk yield or feed efficiency. Visit our website to read more. Input some basic details about your business to receive a return on investment calculation via email: www.lely.com/gb/solutions/feeding/juno/
How can I find out more?
For more information and to download the technical brochure visit: www.lely.com/gb/solutions/feeding/juno.
To discuss the possibilities for your farm contact your local Lely Center: www.lely.com/gb/your-lely-center