Renewed T4C Yourguide

Information and knowledge is indispensable in today’s world. Lely Farm Management Support aims to provide this information through a variety of sources and tools. Besides face-to-face contact with our advisors, YourGuide in T4C is a complete library to find answers on T4C and management-related topics. With the content redesign and new look, YourGuide has improved significantly.




Software is always subject to development; similarly this also applies for T4C and T4C InHerd. The content in YourGuide has been reviewed, refreshed and updated where necessary to the latest versions and insights.

Structure & appearance

When visiting the home page you will find five main categories, recognizable by icons: News, T4C, T4C InHerd, Vector and Farm Management. Each section has specific sub-sections, which makes navigation easy. In addition to this structure the search bar can also be used to find answers.

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News New tips, advice or updates are shown in the News section. A current new tip is about increasing capacity in relation to an optimized milk yield per milking. By means of three steps the basic principle is explained.
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Basic T4C information, explanation on T4C reports, modules and settings like locations within the barn, automatic routing of cows or fat/protein calibration are shown in this section.

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T4C InHerd

How to get started, explanation of the tools and frequently asked questions can be found in this section to get the maximum in a most efficient way out of T4C InHerd on your smartphone.

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Lely Vector

Settings, frequently asked questions and information about the mobile device are in this section. Also routines in relation to automatic feeding are shown and explained in a simple and straightforward way.

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Farm management

This section contains the links to benchmark instruction cards and webadvice. Webadvice is a free, easy, and fast way to compare your farm with the national performance. In addition tips and tricks are given applicable on your farm.

More languages

At the time of writing the renewed YourGuide is available in English, Dutch, German, French, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Russian and Italian. Further languages (in line with the T4C languages) are currently under construction and will be gradually released.