What is Lely Horizon?

Lely unveiled its new farm management software programme Horizon to GB and Ireland in 2021, but what can it do and why should Lely farmers upgrade to the new system? Olivia Edgerton, Farm Management Support & Horizon Specialist for Lely Atlantic explains all.



Lely Horizon is a farm management platform which enables farmers to manage every aspect of their business through their robots via their computer, tablet or phone. While it is designed to be easy to use it is also capable of generating highly detailed customisable reports, which can help with decision making, explains Olivia Edgerton.

“The farmer can keep it simple or go into as much detail as they want.

“It’s possible to give access to advisers or farm workers without necessarily allowing them the permissions to make changes. For example, a farm worker can see which cows need collecting but can’t change settings.”

Businesses can be up and running with the new technology very quickly, explains Olivia. “Once the decision has been made to move over to Horizon their Lely Center can make it happen. Most people find that they can use it for basic management pretty much instantly. “The dashboard is self-explanatory, but most will want a bit of training for the more complex elements.”

Training can be provided online or in-person by the customer’s Lely Center but there are also various ‘How to’ videos and guides online and on the platform itself.

The system can also spot potential challenges. “There is an advice widget on the home screen which will notify you of issues,” says Olivia. “For example, it can flag up a cow that is potentially ketotic and give advice on treatment.

“Treating early is obviously better for welfare of that animal but also saves the business money.”

It can also highlight where gains can be made for example with robot efficiency if there are certain cows spending longer than necessary in the robot, she explains. “It can really help the robots to work to maximum efficiency too.”

All Lely farmers should consider the opportunities made possible by Horizon, believes Olivia. As Lely has developed Horizon itself it has full capability to adapt and adjust it over the coming years.

"It is truly future proof.”

For more information on Lely Horizon and how to introduce it your farm, contact your Lely Center or visit Horizon - Lely