Short crop length makes for perfectly compact silage that can be processed easily. Chopping is the most precise way to achieve this. By reducing the crop volume and being able to separate the transport, great quantities of crops can be harvested in less time by more than one person.

Lely Storm forage harvesters can be used for several types of crop, thanks to the range of intake systems. With its unique fly-wheel system, the Lely Storm achieves great capacity and continues to maintain its rotational speed, even at its peak load. The knives can easily be sharpened with the fully integrated sharpening system. The knives stay sharp enough to cut the crops perfectly, saving you fuel.


Our solution for chopping

Why Lely?

In milk and meat production, producing top-quality fodder yourself is the best way to save on feed costs and to optimise animal health. All of our forage harvesting machines are developed with a view to quality and feed efficiency, with the help of the feedback received from our customers worldwide.


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