Harvest a large quantity of crops from the land and cut and transport them in one go with just one person. Retaining nutrients with no unnecessary damage to crops. A good chop length leads to better compacting of crops and simplifies ensilage.

Lely Tigo loader wagons are designed for the best possible treatment of crops. This is why the rotors have the widest possible rotor tines, to press the crops easily while maintaining their structure. There are also models with steered intake or a swing arm for the most crop-friendly intake.


Loading wagons with swing-arm

Rotor steered loading wagons

Why Lely?

In milk and meat production, producing top-quality fodder yourself is the best way to save on feed costs and to optimise animal health. All of our forage harvesting machines are developed with a view to quality and feed efficiency, with the help of the feedback received from our customers worldwide.


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