Clean and well-chopped forage is essential for ensuring productive and healthy cattle. Minimising the time the forage remains lying out in the field maximises the preservation of nutrients. That is why capacity and optimal crop handling are the top priorities in the design of our loader wagons.

Furthermore, a number of models are fitted with an intelligent bulkhead, which is multifunctional to offer extra convenience.

Convenience by design

The movable bulkhead is based on a hydraulic system that enables it to tilt through approximately 80 degrees. This offers various advantages, such as extra load capacity, an automatic loading and compaction system and clean and safe discharge.

Extra load capacity

Benefit from a high-volume yet compact loader wagon. Tilting the bulkhead forward by approximately 65 degrees results in at least 5 m³ of extra load capacity. This enables you to optimise the use of the space above the intake unit. 

An extra advantage of this increased capacity is improved stability. With the weight of the forage uniformly distributed, the pressure on the drawbar is more even – including in the case of heavier loads. This in turn improves transport safety.


Automatic loading and compaction

When the loading unit is activated, the multifunctional bulkhead is automatically moved into the correct – vertical – loading position. The degree of compaction can be steplessly pre-set (from 0 to 100) on the user display in line with the crop texture. 

The sensors on the hydraulic cylinders of the bulkhead gauge the pressure and automatically control the floor chain accordingly. The sensor on the tail gate indicates ‘wagon full’ on the user display and the floor chain stops automatically. 

When the wagon is full, the bulkhead tilts forwards into the transport position in two stages, creating the extra load capacity. 

Optimal and safe discharge

The multifunctional bulkhead also offers you benefits during crop discharge. It automatically tilts backwards until it reaches the ideal angle. The forage is then pushed gently over the hydraulically powered floor chain. The result: smooth and efficient discharge and a clean and tidy empty wagon. 

The tiltable bulkhead enables you to unload both cleanly and safely. The floor chains and the bulkhead are automatically activated at the same time during discharge. This ensures that the crop is set in motion gently and hence safely. The bulkhead pushes the load towards the rear and the pressure on the floor chain is reduced.


Harvest a large quantity of crops from the land and cut and transport them in one go with just one person. Retaining nutrients with no unnecessary damage to crops. We offer loader wagons in different configurations and always with the best treatment of crops as the guiding principle.


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