Lely Splendimo mowers have a low power requirement and save on fuel costs. This can soon mount up, because a 20% lower power requirement saves you 1 litre of fuel per hectare, guaranteed. No other mower on the market can achieve that.

The unique modular cutter bar forms the basis for these savings. It contains far fewer gears than other cutter bars. This ensures that you save fuel and also generate a high output with your machine at the same time.

Low power requirement

The cutter bar is formed from universal mowing units that are directly powered by a hexagonal shaft. The drive shaft runs through the centre of all of the mower discs and each mowing unit is powered by its own shaft. As a result, each mowing unit automatically only consumes the power that it needs at any particular time.

Therefore, there are no friction losses during mowing. After all, there are no separate gear transmissions as in conventional cutter bars, which suffer friction losses of at least 5%. The hexagonal shaft completely eliminates these.

This explains the low power requirement and reduced fuel consumption of Splendimo mowers. Needless to say, wider working widths result in even greater energy savings.

High output

To deliver high output, the cutter bar and its components have been designed so that the centre of the mower discs is close to the front of the cutter bar. This enables the mower discs to rotate through almost 180 degrees in the crop. It also creates more space between the discs.


Flexible for extra convenience

The mowing units are constructed with a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction of rotation and connecting pieces. To withstand the considerable pressure during mowing, the various units are held together by a torque bar.

Various working widths

The modular design means that the Splendimo mower is available in a range of working widths and models. Thanks to the wide variety of mowing units, the choice of direction of rotation and the main drive, there is an ideal Splendimo mower for every type of crop and soil. This makes the Splendimo a very accessible mower for the entire agricultural sector.

Rapid maintenance

As with all other Lely machines, the cutter bar is made from as few individual components as possible. This, in combination with the modular design, minimises any damage. If maintenance should nevertheless be necessary, the various units can be easily repaired or replaced. This helps to keep your repair costs down.

Furthermore, the grease remains on the gears rather than sliding down to one side of the bar – even when operating at extreme working angles. Each mowing unit has its own reserve of grease and durable seals to guarantee this convenient functionality.

To benefit from a unique and user-friendly technology that saves fuel without compromising on power, ask your dealer for more information.


The best harvest is obtained by mowing at the right time. This is how you determine the energy, nutrients and structure of the crops based on your animals’ feed requirements. With our mowers, you can be sure of the lowest possible power requirements combined with the highest possible capacity.


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