Rake your crops as neatly as possible into the perfect swath. Neat crops minimise undesirable mould and bacteria in the feed and ash in the cows’ rumen. A consistent swath with the right shape and width results in high pick-up capacity, good output and a precise cutting action. This creates the optimal conditions for balers, loader wagons and forage harvesters.

Lely Hibiscus rakes are designed with quality feed as their focal point. The combination of ground-contour following, stability and the shape of the tines ensures neat crops. The working width of the rake can easily be configured to ensure ideal swaths ready to be loaded. This saves time and money in the following steps.


Our solutions for raking

Why Lely?

In milk and meat production, producing top-quality fodder yourself is the best way to save on feed costs and to optimise animal health. All of our forage harvesting machines are developed with a view to quality and feed efficiency, with the help of the feedback received from our customers worldwide.


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