Recently we held a national Lely Vector webinar on automated feeding. Beef farmers Peter and Richard Burbage talked about their experience of the Lely Vector and the efficiency gains they've seen on their farm.

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About the speakers

Derrick Davies

Customer Sales Support Feed

Derrick has a wealth of knowledge on cow and herd management plus a history in dairy consultative work. Derrick’s role within Lely Atlantic will be focusing on sales support from our feeding portfolio, Vector, Juno & Calm.

Mike Steele

Farm Management Support Lead

Mike is passionate about designing animal health projects across multiple farms, optimising efficiency by improving the environment and management of animals, bringing together, well-being for cows and increased profitability.

Simon Smith

Nutritionist and farm consultant

Simon has a wealth of experience in nutrition of dairy and beef cattle and is involved in giving support and advice to conventional methods of feeding and robotic feeding with the Lely Vector.

Peter and Richard Burbage


Based in Northamptonshire the Burbage brothers both work on their business together, they run a beef farm alongside an agricultural farm contracting service. They installed a Lely Vector feeding system last November to feed all the beef animals on the farm.

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‘We are extremely proud to be recognised as the market leader in manufacturing of automatic feeding systems. Ten years ago, we installed the first Vector feeding system. Since then we have matured the system and made sure that our customers are satisfied with its performance.’

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