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Farm infrastructure and layout for robotic milking systems

Lely Center Mullingar's Farm Management Support Advisor Sean Callan leads a discussion on possible farm infrastructure and layouts that will allow your farm to maximise the benefits of automated milking. Topics covered include grazing layouts, roadways, optimal drinker placement and planning for expansion.

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Yard design options for robotic milking systems

Our second webinar was hosted by our in house Project Coordinator & Design Team. They look at different installations for robotic milking systems, including details on low-cost, retro-fit installations as well as new build sites.

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Grassland management for robotic milking systems

Our third webinar is taking place on Tuesday 26th May at 8pm and will be hosted by our Farm Management Support Team. They will be looking at how to optimise your available grassland to get the most out of a robotic milking system. The recording will be available shortly after the live webinar.

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Large herd management on a robotic milking system

Our in house team of experts discuss how to optimise management of a larger herd whilst using a robotic milking system, including farm management, layout and cow touches.

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Feeding high yielding cows on a robotic milking sytem

Our in house team of experts discuss feeding high yielding cows on a robotic milking system. They'll be focusing on how to optimise your feeding programme for high yielders whilst using a robotic milking system.

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Planning for 500kg milk solids from 500kg meal

Our in house team of experts look at how you can target to receive 500kg of milk solids from 500kg of meal.

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Zero grazing on a robotic milking system

Our specialist team discuss zero grazing on a robotic milking system.

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Building a business plan for a new dairy

Our specialist team discuss building a business plan for a new dairy.

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Is solar power a good investment for a dairy farm

Our specialist team look at investing in solar power on a dairy farm.

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Installation Requirements for Lely Astronaut

Our tenth webinar sees our team of in house experts discuss the Installation Requirements for a Lely Astronaut.

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Virtual Open Day Andrew Browne

In this webinar Open Day Andrew Browne virtual farm tour of Simple Robotic Milking install in Tipperary, we cover: • Yard design • Building costs • Installation • Grazing plan • Start up experience • Lessons learnt so far

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Derek O'Halleran in Co Longford Virtual Open Day

Derek O'Halleran was a new entrant to dairying in spring 2020. Due to the fragmented nature of his land a grazing system was not an option for the farm, so it was decided to develop an indoor robotic milking system with a high yielding herd.

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Henri and Robert Mulligan Virtual Open Day

Henry and Robert Mulligan from Co Meath installed six Lely robots on their farm in September 2019 to milk their herd of over 400 cows. The farmers held a virtual open day on their farm to give their honest opinion of the system to date. If you are interested in developing a similar system contact the team at Lely Center Mullingar.

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New entrant milking 70 heifers on a grass-based robotic system

Jack Madigan from Co. Kilkenny converted to dairying in 2020 with the installation of a Lely Astronaut A5. The farm started off with 70 heifers, half of which were Fleckvieh heifers imported from Austria. Jack will outline his experiences of the system to date and share his advice for anyone thinking of going down the robotic milking route.