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Join the Lely Center Mullingar team who will be hosting a webinar that focus on Lely Discovery range. You will also get the opportunity to hear from local farmers on their experience of these products

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Tuesday 28th September 2021 at 8pm

Exploring the Lely Yard Scraping and Calf Feeding Range. 

The team at Lely Center Mullingar examine in-depth the options farmers have when looking at a robotic scraper for their yard. The Lely Discovery and Lely Discovery Collector offer unrivalled flexibility when it comes to cleaning both solid and slatted areas within sheds and farmyards.

The webinar will also focus on the Lely Juno automatic feed pusher and the potential benefits that can be seen by more regular pushing up of feed such as increased feeding times and therefore production. 

In addition, the Lely Calm automatic calf feeding system will be discussed and the many labour saving and calf performance benefits they bring to calf rearing.

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Lely Center Mullingar are your robotic milking, feeding and cleaning specialists in the East, Midlands and West.
We offer sales and service of robotic milking systems, feeding and barn equipment.and provide tailor-made solutions for Irish daiy farmers, including in-house yard design, paddock mapping, project management, farm management support and 24/7 service and back up.
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