Lely Aircon introduces high capacity wind turbine for on farm use

Lely Aircon, part of Lely’s Energy division and a global leader in manufacturing 10kW wind turbines will launch a new 30kW system - the Lely Aircon 30 - at the EuroTier 2014 exhibition in Hannover, Germany. With this new and more powerful addition Lely Aircon fulfills the need of many modern farmers who face an increasing demand for energy.

Oct. 27, 2014


“After more than a decade of success and the installation of over 200 smaller 10 kW wind turbines across the world, we realized that the time had come to apply this expertise to a larger model,” said Rene Hackmann, Product Manager Energy at Lely. “The Lely Aircon 10, our 10kW wind turbine, is the best and quietest smaller system available, but with increased energy demands and rising electricity prices globally, it became imperative that we expanded the Lely Aircon portfolio of wind turbines to support our customers, enable them to excel at reducing their energy expenses and achieve energy-neutrality in the future.” 

Low-noise and maximum yield

Development of the new Lely Aircon 30 focused on safety, yield-maximization and low-noise during operation of the turbine. The result is a 29.8 kW machine with a rotor diameter of 13.12m and tower heights of 24m – 42m. Smaller towers will be available on special request as custom products. 

Low cost of ownership

The Lely Aircon 30 is a robust, gearless machine with low maintenance and low cost of ownership - just like the smaller Lely Aircon 10. It also offers a long operational lifetime, which is anticipated to exceed 20 years. Innovative features, such as the yaw drive with two electrical motors, keep the turbine fast and stable in the wind. Alongside mechanical safety features including a blade tip brake and a hydraulic braking system, the turbine is equipped with failsafe controls.

Developed for the future

Developed with increasing energy demands in mind, the Lely Aircon 30 is particularly suitable for farms operating two or more Lely Astronaut milking robots. It can also power a combination of milking robots and a Lely Vector automatic feeding system. 

“Depending on your location, the Lely Aircon 30 will reduce your energy expenses tremendously, by feeding in the electricity directly onto your own farm,” added Rene Hackmann.

Meet the Lely Aircon Team at the EuroTier (stand nr. 27F38) and find out more.  They can demonstrate the features of the new Lely Aircon 30 and provide additional information. The team can also provide support and advice on project planning and acquiring planning permission.

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