Lely presents awards to suppliers during theme day on chain cooperation

During the yearly Lely supplier day at the company’s headquarters in Maassluis, Lely presented two of their suppliers an achievement award. Over 120 (supplier) participants worked together during a meeting regarding chain cooperation and innovation on April 2nd.

April 10, 2015


The suppliers discussed themes such as; Smart Industry*, best practices on innovation and co-creation with support of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The Award ceremony took place at the close of day. The companies GevaSol and LKL Staal B.V. Uden had the honor of being the winners in their respective categories; Supplier Award ‘Step Change’ and the Award for Operational Excellence. The awards program has been launched to underline the importance of a reliable and innovative supply chain for Lely.

The supplier award “Step Change” was awarded to Gevasol, located in Voorhout. This supplier of solutions for milk control pumps and valves had set out to be the role model supplier for Lely and has made significant steps in this process, starting from2010. By streamlining their logistics and assembly operations Gevasol has lowered the reject rate to 0% in 2014. Additionally Gevasol has actively sought cooperation to improve overall costs for Lely.

Neri Lasky, Director of Operations Gevasol reacts pleasantly surprised: "In the eight years that we have supplied to Lely we have increased in both  numbers and ambitions. We started with three men at the time and now have 300 people working in our organization. What a nice recognition. We are proud of the journey we have made together with Lely and for that possibility we would like to thank the Lely team. We look forward to future challenges.”


Operational Excellence Supplier Award: LKL Staal BV Uden

LKL Staal BV has been awarded the “Operational Excellence Supplier Award” for achieving more than 10 years of successful deliveries of castings, forgings and fully machined parts to both Lely Grassland and Dairy in Maassluis. The private Chinese production and extensive quality control can  meet the Lely demands flawlessly. In 2014 LKL Staal BV was able to supply Lely with an OTD rating of 100% and a failure rate of 0.0%. Rightfully excellent!

LKL Staal Director Riny van den Heuvel hopes the relationship with Lely will last for a long time. "We plan to continue this and have also gained great insights today. We are very proud to have received this award."