Lely introduces the mobile knife sharpening system for loader wagons

This year at Agritechnica in Hannover, Lely introduces a new knife sharpening system for the Lely Tigo PR and XR loader wagons. This is a mobile system that can easily sharpen several knives without removing them from the cutting device.

Sept. 10, 2015


Sharp knives are crucial after all for the best quality feed for cows. With this new system, Lely makes sharpening knives safer and simpler.

How does the Lely knife sharpening system work?

The new Lely knife sharpening system for all Lely Tigo PR and XR models is a mobile system that you can easily fit on the folded out knife bank. The sharpening system can sharpen ten knives simultaneously. This means that a forty-knife cutting device will need four rounds of sharpening. In the case of normal wear and tear, it would take 2 to 6 minutes per round. The actual amount of time taken depends on the wear on the knives.

Very sharp knives in a short amount of time

The new Lely knife sharpening system is easy to use and sharpens knives effectively. It allows you to focus on the areas with the most wear, usually in the middle of the knife. With relatively low revolutions, a perfect angle and a good quality sharpening stone, heat development is kept to a minimum and the knives retain their resistance to wear.


The Lely knife sharpening system is universal. You can simply place different knives in the mobile support that comes with the cutting device. The system can be adjusted to sharpen a wide range of knives. These knives can also be sharpened in groups of ten.

The knife sharpening system will be on sale, in a limited number of units, from January 1st 2016. More information on this system will be available at Agritechnica or from your local Lely dealer in January 2016.

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